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  1. One thing i hated about MLB the show is how tedious everything is, How overly complicated everthing is.That just was not fun 🙁
    So im happy to get a really fun easy enough to play Baseball game.
    Plus its free! only thing missing is commentating and MLB license.

  2. What ever happened with the rest of the rating numbers below 7? 5 should be average, and this game looks like a average game to me, not a 7.8.

  3. Can't stand the narrator… –_

    Nothing against the guy, personality wise, but man is his delivery annoyingly hyper.

  4. I loved the first SMB and I just got this one and I know for a fact I’m going to get addicted to it again! This is the best baseball game on Xbox by far!

  5. I had fun with this one yesterday. Reminds me of NES Baseball Stars and what it might look like today!

  6. I 100% the first game. Amazing baseball game. My rating would be closer to 8.5. Great game, and one of the best sports game for your money. Glad they made a sequel, keep it up Metal Head!

  7. Played through a season in the first SMB, it was fun and made me remember why baseball games can be fun again. Still love Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball. The classics still play great. This needed more imo. There's really not enough different to buy this version over the original. Maybe the next one.

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