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Is Bitcoin going to hit $10,000? BTC Bitcoin CryptoCurrency investing! Bitcoin Crypto News!
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  1. Wow the change in market cap these last 24 hours have been monstrous!!! Gebe seems interesting too…

  2. Fasten your seatbelts, market is about to take off!! Bitcoin at $12,000 by Wednesday!

  3. Thanks again, NEBL is about to run of you look at the charts. Thanks again so much for the chance at some LTC LfJF6yyzz2JhiCmEhhuUAPxLt8S2g1yo8b

  4. What about ripple pairing with binance and usdt. It went mad!

  5. I got to say You are a genius! And I will have to buy into that Gebecoin ICO that you mentioned. Thanks!!!!


  6. As a person joined the market end of Dec, finally breaking even. If NEO rockets, i am on it though. 🙂 LTC LNuMTzwbE9njVLE2V7hTYsGjSuTMBQQ5ze

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