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  1. This is the problem with going digital. It's not the future. They sell you something than you get nothing but digital access meaning your collection of stuff you spent real money on will be in constant danger of being made obsololete. I have a gigantic collection of DVDs and I don't have to worry unless there is a chaotic act of god on my house. Treasure your hard copies and reject digital sales.

  2. Looks like a lot of clueless people are misunderstanding what's going on. If you've linked your Ultraviolet to a digital movie service like VUDU, you'll be fine. The movies you already own in your digital libraries on should remain there. You're not losing your movies.

  3. Can anyone confirm for me that I won’t lose a single movie from VUDU? My vudu is currently linked with pretty much everything else so I assume my movies will be fine

  4. I actually used these believe it or not. I can download all the movies on my phone and laptop or stream them when I'm away from home. It was actually really useful.

  5. You mean the place where u can type in those codes that were on those small papers in the disk case that no one used, didnt care and threw out ? …… Shock

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