Will The SEC Crash The Crypto Bitcoin Economy?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on a new SEC ruling coming down this Monday that will have a big effect on the Crypto Bitcoin-Economy. Especially the ICO community and ETH ethereum with fear of regulation and declaring it a security which could make it impossible for Americans to even own the coin.

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  1. Trolled by the WSJ as well Luke? I dont believe the SEC had a meeting but the WSJ stated a quote by "a person" who got the whole ecosystem in a big panic… Digital Currency Group being the owners of blockchain news I believe…

  2. People are confused on certain points and it drives the fear. US Federal Taxes do not fund spending, they're instantly deleted, never saved nor spent. US Gov doesnt need any revenue, never, it creates the Dollar, the States are a different story, they are constrained by tax incomes, and will be the ones most likely to dip in to crypto flows. The fed government will get their control on whatever they choose to control lol, dont be worried, they obviously like crypto, the deep state made most of them! Its just a simple risky commodity that people mistakenly confuse with being a currency, it has its place, but is NOT a real currency like the Dollar, Yen, etc…. #learnMMT otherwise known as the actual monetary system. The left/right neoliberal tools have fooled most people left/right/center so their pirate buds can rape the country from end to end. Learn MMT and you'll see how the truth has been obscured, and how we can flip the script to use our sovereign currency properly to create ever more abundance and booming econ.

  3. Help!
    I don't understand the value in Bitcoin. How can value be justied other than market value? Simply because someone wants to pay thousands for it doesn't make it valuable. It's not backed by anything of real value, gold or precious metals, oil. Eventually, this craziness will come to an end and it will go down in flames. And the only one's coming out ahead will be those who originally bought it cheap and smart enough to sell at the right time. Smoke and mirrors?? I don't get it.

  4. "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help".
    ✦ Ronald Reagan

  5. Tax is just fine. But they should tax the exchanger only not the consumer. Also be vigilant of corrupt public officials. That is Law and Order.

  6. Love you guys. I would say that, there's no way the beast system worldwide will let an unregulated, decentralized currency run roughshod over their carefully crafted plans to dominate humanity. They will either find a way to control it, or kill it. Just my two cents. God bless!

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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    TO WHAT he IS DOING OVER SEAS & WHAT he IS NOT DOING DOMESTICALLY SUCH AS REPEALING OBAMS CARE & NOT PUTTING KILLARY IN TO AWAIT EXACTION/ building the wall & restoring my full Second Amendment Rights in fact where i live the gun grabbers have increase their infringements NOT TO MENTION the corrupt I.R.S. & the thefts of B.L.M. & WHAT ABOUT the goldman bankersters 🙁
    5/8/18 ~MARANATHA~

  10. Everyone keeps saying that this is fake news… I don't believe it I've been watching Luke for way too long far from fake love you Luke and the other two guys are fucking awesome

  11. WE ARE CHANGE, I read a tweet, that tonight 5/7/18 Monday, that Isreal and US are prepping to strike Syria tonight, HEADS UP. Hope it doesn't happen, not cool.

  12. Luke, we the people need to make the change, with your voice, we can move forward. We can revitalize Flint Michigan by building electric cars there.
    What do you think??

  13. Milton Perez is going to illustrate for us all that the internet is a forensic thread which cannot be removed. He is willing to go to Prison to prove it! We are watching you, Milton. Are you familiar with "Paradise Lost?'' Welcome to Gehenna!

  14. Who the hell is that third guy? He looks like some drunk they found on the beach and put a dash shirt on him

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