10 Smallest Electric Skateboards that Have Short Decks and Compact Size

Right about when the original Boosted Board came out, the market of electric boards exploded with plenty of new models popping out here and there.

The major design that manufacturers focused on was the longboard since it allowed for more comfortable and speedy rides on the city streets. However, pretty soon it became evident that this construction had a major downside, long boards are heavy are too long to be carried around.

That is why today we are witnessing a new market trend of compact electrified skateboards! These models are affordable, more maneuverable, shorter, lighter, and at times can fit into a backpack! In today’s episode we will take a look at the small boards that in our opinion are the most interesting and fun!


The Boosted Mini is not sold on Amazon yet, but you can still consider getting a Boosted Board Standard, just follow the link:

Lou 1.0: https://amzn.to/2jNZOo3
Lou 2.0: https://amzn.to/2rx3yxF
Lou 3.0: https://amzn.to/2I7JCIz

Acton Blink Lite: https://amzn.to/2rAnAIs
Acton Blink S: https://amzn.to/2wueUYH
Acton Blink S2: https://amzn.to/2rznYpF

Spectra Advanced: https://amzn.to/2wszgSd
Spectra Pro: https://amzn.to/2ryx3PG

Boards featured in this video:
Boosted Board Mini: boostedboards.com

The Boosted Board is definitely a benchmark of electrified boards, a Tesla of e-skateboaring, if you wish. However, its major downside is the steep price of $1,600. To make it affordable to the wider public, the company developed a shorter 29.5-inches version, called Boosted Board Mini.

Lou Electric Skateboard 3.0: louboard.com

Lou is a downsized electric skateboard from SoFlow, that unlike many startups was successfully funded through Kickstarter to become a well-known product on the market.

Acton Blink S and S2: actonglobal.com/collections/electric-skateboards

Electric boards from Acton are a perfect balance of durability, rideability and affordability. The company currently offers three small boards including Lite, S1 and S2. Even, though Lite is the smallest one, its humble specs are mostly appropriate for children, so we chose to review the S models.

Spectra: store.walnutt.com

Spectra was originally funded via an Indiegogo campaign, but it is currently being independently sold on the Walnutt Tech manufacturer’s website and under the Swagtron brand on Amazon.

Linky: linkyinnovation.com

Before you say anything, just a quick note, we are aware that technically this is a longboard, however its one of a kind folding technology does make Linky one of the smallest electric skateboards on the market, at least when you carry it around.

Atom B10: www.atomlongboards.com/boards/40406-atom-electric-b10-longboard-skateboard-1000w-single-belt-drive-90wh-li-ion-battery

Atom B.10: https://amzn.to/2KSb1QE

Atom B.10 is a powerful electric shortboard with a low center of gravity, 12% hill climb, and a carry handle.

GoRide: goridetech.com

GoRide is a series of 4 e-boards that have sturdy aluminum body, regenerative braking and 20 miles of range, but differ in weight, top speed and max climb capacity.

Bolt Motion: boltmotion.com

Weighing only 9 lbs and barely reaching 23 inches in length, the tiny Italian Bolt electric skateboard can fit any backpack, while still being able to cover the last mile of your daily trip with power and fun.

Kuickwheel Serpent C: kuickwheel.co

The Serpent C series electric skateboard from Kuickwheel is among the smallest and lightest last mile transportation vehicles there is. The manufacturer used Canadian Maple wood and bamboo composite to build the thing, and the final weight shown on the scales is short of 7 pounds.

Leafboard: leafboard.club/collections/leafboard-special

Leafboards are lightweight remote-controlled electric boards that are performed using natural wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Meepo Board Short Deck/Meepo Campus: meepoboard.com/collections/boards

We also would like to tell you about a small but fast growing manufacturer from China – Meepo Boards. Their smaller skateboards, Meepo Campus and Meepo Board Short Deck, are getting pretty strong reviews and are definitely worth consideration.


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