Crypto News | Biggest Australian Bank CFO Joins EOS! Goldman Sachs Pushes Investors Into Crypto

As expected the market recovery so far has been short lived BUT we have more and more bullish news enter the space. How do you see the markets playing out for the rest of the week? Comment Below!


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  1. I came to the conclusion that HitBTC behaves honestly in relation to clients. All disputable and technical issues are solved quickly and competently. For 2 months I earn on new tokens 120%+ to the deposit.

  2. Hey James, thanks again for the video, I would love to know what’s the best way to get Crypto profits back in folded pound sterling with out getting taxed to much. I would also love if you did TA on BQX and your thoughts on there project.
    Thanks again for videos.. do you post to D Tube? Thanks

  3. Eric Schneiderman just had to resign because credible allegations of him beating the shit out of women just came out.

    This may take some pressure off of crypto exchanges in New York. He had a reputation for thinking that he was the living embodiment of the law itself.

  4. Another great video! Just out of interest, have you looked at Pundi x? Seems like of the best projects I ’ve come across!! They offer a card service where you can store cryptocurrency on and buy sell and accept cryptocurrency with a single swipe. There are some pretty cool youtube videos showing how it works… Looks like a sleeper to me! 😀

  5. Bro!.. Wanchain, Neo, Ont or ziliqa? I am considering selling some Wanchain and put it into Neo to stake and get some airdrops.. your advice? (Not financial)

  6. Hi James. A few Crypto youtubers are also adding the audio to podcasts, for people on the move. Hope that helps your channel grow and keep up the good work! cheers matey

  7. Thanks so much for addressing my comment James! Really appreciate it. Things seem to be picking up for a few coins now, especially Bitcoin 🙂

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