Top 10 CryptoCurrencies That Will Be In The Top 10!

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  1. @Ready Set Crypto Any love for or thoughts on DGB? Jared Tate is a great guy with a great team and they have real fast transactions the blockchain also can survive a 51% hack due to their 5 algorithm design. And he lived in China the last 5 years talking and meeting with big players for one belt one road

  2. Surprised that OMG wasn't mentioned since it seems to fit the mold of these picks. Large company working in a growing market in SE Asia to back up a crypto platform.

  3. Digibyte already does everything that Walton is trying to do and more, what makes you thing that it will be bigger??

  4. 2.9K likes against 93 dislikes say it all. You're easily one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy cryptocurrency YouTubers on the planet. Thanks for continually putting out top-quality content.

  5. New Subscriber. Wow! Love your style. Nice videos ?
    Did you research Zebi? India's blockchain that is also currently private (Future public chain), backed by the government. Zebi AI Chain solution is currently deployed at more than 200 hotels and are preparing for full-scale deployment across all the hotels in India. The Police in Andhra Pradesh have ordered hotels and inns to deploy the blockchain security solution developed by Zebi.

    This is the first project I know of that has real world use right now.

  6. Crypto is evolving 10x faster than the original tech boom. We already saw the equivalent of the tech crash and now the winners are about to emerge.

  7. You do realize you just spent the first two minutes patting yourself on the back and talking down on everyone else in the space right?!? Don't forget to build your house without tearing down your neighbors friend. You talk about NEO as the most promising. But, breeze past the massive centralization. NEO is no different than any other federal money printing regime.

  8. zil sharding may come true. but if eos does what it claims it can (we'll see in 1 month) it won't matter too much, as zil will have missed the first mover advantage of being a 'visa speed' platform. Also, zil dev language MAY be safer than solidity but is it going to be taken up by devs? if not = ghost platform. i get the feeling that this is a script (being read by a prof voice , due to some basic errors in tech words) to shill cheap coins they have bought. don't get me wrong, some of it adds up , but…

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