Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras: 10 key differences

If you’re an aspiring photographer or a professional looking to expand your gear, you may be wondering if you should buy a mirrorless or DSLR camera. In this …


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  1. I dont know man, i work in the wedding industry and i can tell you, if you go to a wedding with that small thing, no matter the quality of images you are going o produce, people will think you brought a digital camera.. reemebr those darn little things uncles and aunts use at weddings .. imagine

  2. I respect what you’re trying to say Basil…. But I disagree with half of it…. First, many Mirrorless are now on par with High End super expensive DSLR, Fuji makes incredible expensive ones, not to mention Sony’s new A7RIII which is a winner in many aspects, including Lowlight and autofocus and image quality…. Second, it’s known among many “Pro” photographers that an electronic viewfinder is on par and sometimes better than an optical viewfinder since using the former you get to see exactly what you will get, even in lowlight situations, however using the latter won’t show you exactly what the final photo will be in low light instances even if you changed the iso and so…. Third, keep up the great content and good work

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