Ethereum Might Skip Proof Of Stake, Only 7 Crypto Allowed And Litecoin Expected To “Moonshot”

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  1. Hahaha a cap on how much you can trade? What are you smoking? Also lol at how you think trading limits are the answer to stopping manipulation.

  2. The world governments War against Crypto "Currencies" is only now getting started and to think they will let their fiat control just slip away is a fools dream. Projects like Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Nano will have a tough fight ahead.
    I'll be surprised if Litecoin is a top 10 coin in 2019 with Gov./Business friendly projects like Cardano, NEO, IOTA, Stellar, Tron and VeChain poised to pass it. By contrast BitCoin has a unique place as digital gold and a hacker-proof history.

  3. Ethereum is definitely facing real competitors with the launch of EOS and pending launch of Hedera Hashgraph but the last thing they need to do is rush out updates and make a "Parity Bug" level mistake again. DAPP Hosting is a huge market and there will be multiple leaders in the space making obscene amounts of money!

  4. Good stuff… but let's be serious, we all know ETH will never touch 1 million transactions per second. Not even close! Is this April fools or something?

  5. I subscribed to you because you go into depth about the progress of crypto currency. I'm sick of the guys who keep talking about price. You actually take the time to talk about the "why(s)" of this technology. Thank you for the hard work that you put in!

  6. No reserve currency legitimacy without centralized custodial-ship

    This is concerning because of ease of changing the chain and or the currency

    Need to push ease of use, transactions and retail adoption (value) of bitcoin

  7. Hype is irrelevant in the long term. Don’t fall for it. That is why ltc is very undervalued right now. Tech and adoption is there. Coin like eos dont even do anything yet.

  8. Isn't "moonshot" and "everyday spending coin" conflicting ideas in crypto? A coin that can sky rocket would scare people away from spending, much like it does for bitcoin. The idea that Litecoin is silver to Bitcoin's gold I think is more accurate. Adding faster transaction speed helps but the scarcity makes it a store of value.

  9. becoming a federal reserve I would see a potential exponentially increase of gold which to my opinion makes more sense then BTC…, A milion 10mlusd x kg….for instance

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