The Best Camera Phone of 2017

Continuing with my comparisons of the best phones of 2017, today let’s see which phone has the best camera. We have the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy …


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  1. I really like my Nexus 6P but was considering the Pixel 2 XL instead have you seen any good comparison videos? I need to permanently ditch my DSL because its too much to travel with. p.s. your third set of photos is of the La Jolla Sea Lion's. Seals don't have the external ear part.

  2. In real life, none of this marginal differences don't mean dick… they all have really good cameras. If you take pictures which you want to keep or take wedding photos and so on, you use real camera…

  3. Ok. I'm planning to buy (get money to buy ) a new phone, at my birthday 28th August (2018). I'm looking for a good flagship from late 2017 or 2018. A battery over 3330mah would be nice, and I also want a good camera. I'm not a selfie guy, so the front facing camera isn't thar important to me. I also want a good display. I don't mind 1080p displays, I just want a good looking display and style. Thanks!

  4. This has to be one of the most uninspired camera comparisons I have watched. The only thing I agree with is that the Pixel 2 is king in most situations. And anyway, are we ever going to see a pro camera comparison? Like manual focusing, manual exposure setting, etc? Not all of us are that lazy / incompetent to just point and shoot and not care about actual photo composition. If you actually like or care about (smartphone) photography, then you won't just point and shoot. If not, then why buy a 1000$ phone?

  5. Yep. Not taking this serious really. The landscape photo with the palm tree is seriously underexposed with the Pixel 2 XL. Something which you do not mention. If you ask me of my ability to judge photos, Im a professional photographer.

  6. I have the Note 8 and I hate how if there's any motion in the shot it just ruins the shot with blur and the focus is too narrow with the wide apature. The Pixel 2 XL wins for sure and is why I'll be grabbing a Pixel 2 XL soon. I actually have an Essential phone as well right now and my Note 8 has been collecting dust since I got the Essential phone a couple months back so I think I'll love the Pixel 2 XL.

  7. But wait. Consumer reports says the iPhone 7,8,7s,10, note 8, s8, s8+ are all better than the pixel 2 xl. Lol. They don't even have it on their list of best smartphone cameras. That publication is such a farce. Ever since they backtracked on their MacBook debacle they have been Apple biased.

  8. In my opinion sharpness and details are not only scales of good photos, for me color comes first as all 4 cameras are so close at sharpness and details. In terms of color reproduction Note8 looked better to me in most cases.

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