Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Shocking Bank Actions, Blockchain Voting, & Big Data

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – blockchain voting in Switzerland, Ethereum Classic added to Coinbase, big data is big, more bank and financial regulator double standards, and project updates.

Ethereum Classic Coinbase

Blockchain Voting Switzerland

Crypto Valley In Switzerland To Test Blockchain Voting

Big Data

Korean Banks

Ratings Agencies

UK Financial Watchdog

UK Money Launder—It-is-High-Time-It-Should

SEC Bank of America

Bank of America Ban

Paxful Africa

Blockchain Water


Stellar Lumens Malta

World’s First Cryptocurrency Mobile Phone Network YOVO Chooses Stellar (XLM) and Malta


Deep Brain Chain Singularity NET

DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNet Partner On Blockchain AI


VeChain Thor (VET) and Ethereum Classic (ETC): Being Accepted

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  1. Blockchain using for voting, yes please ??.
    Reality is mining will switch from btc to other more profitable coins probably. Will btc get more centralised???‍♂️
    Thank you for the interesting video ??❤️

  2. I was going to sell the DogHouse so i could buy in at the dip but the guy wanted to pay me in Verge & not that desperate. Hold on to your seats folks as we are in for a ride on the Crypto roller-coaster just to test your faith and passion. Pls stop sending dog biscuits as don't have the dogs forwarding address.

  3. I swear the Swiss are dead set on being first out of the gate. Don't remind me that my whole plan for cloud mining goes out the window when you can't snowball your payments into contracts upgrades anymore.

  4. because the really big spenders missed the oppertunity of crypto in the beginning, they now crash the market to start almost all over again.Then they Put some regulations in!! And when it goes after they got in at the right price it will go fast and high so fasten your seatbelts!!! I think that is close to the truth.

  5. Hey Lark, thanks again!

    Just a heads up, someone pretending to be you is trying to scam people. I received the following email from ""

    "Thank you for your supportive Comments on the June 8th edition of whats happening in cypto, for hitting the thumbs up button, for staying subscribed to my channel and for the numerous views i keep getting for each video.

    I hope you guys are enjoying it and listening to all of the latest and doing your research.

    To start things off I have very good feeling about the market, I would tell you why.

    I still have many more amazing stuffs for you all. In more interesting news, I am thinking of sharing a really simple way to make 1% of your investment as daily profits. More reason why I talked about bitcoin taking a flight

    I would explain in details if you would like.

    Thank you once again for always watching and you can join the conversation over on twitter where we share further insight in the crypto space.

    Long Live The Blockchain



  6. Lark, how do u see the future of bitcoin and blockchain tech in general on an energy efficiency point of view… crypto market is still a small market but the energy consumption is already an issue… what will happen when/if crypto goes mainstream?? energy consumption is already insane…
    thanks for keeping this channel so relevant! amazing job!

  7. The contracts don't "close" after 21 days, they suspend until it becomes high enough to cover the fees and then they continue. I'm not sure if they extend the time of the contract or not.

  8. Best intro on this particular video ever, said let's take a look at the markets and then quickly ahhk nothing to look at here lol. That's the only way to hodl bro is just don't look at those bad day's or months. Love your channel bro.

  9. Another info packed video! Nice to see you more front and center on this one. The hubs and I appreciate all that you do. In our house once the coffee is made in the morning, "The Lark" must be played! ???

  10. Clearly some companies i.e. Bitmain or Samsung have developed new miners which are super efficient. Using them to mine before opening up the tech to the market.

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