Nuraphones review: Tailored sound for your ears

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Australian company Nura introduced Nuraphones, the headphones that tailor sound to your ears. With a unique in-ear …


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  1. The Nasa thing got me, I totally forgot about whatever cons I've spent hours researching before.Seriously tho, discount 100 bucks on them and everybody here will not think twice on buying.

  2. Any discussion of how repeatable measured profiles are for a given listener? The way that the proprietary microphone loads into the users ear canal would likely change each time the phones are taken on and off, and therefore offer a differing otoacoustic reflex transfer function..Even then the measured data encode only outer and middle ear function, and do not incorporate inner (neural) function, or brain processing of inner ear transmission. Has anyone read a more scientific or audiologic description of this process?

  3. I've tried these headphones today and it was an exciting experience. The headphones automatically turn on when you put them out and start talking to you. If you have already set down your profile, the headphones great you by your nickname as soon as you put them back again. Pure mind-blowing headphones

  4. although the sound quality of this headphone might be exceptional good,imagine putting it on ear with earbud that look likes a penis stick to your ears,i'll pass.

  5. These things are fantastic. I had a pair of B&W P7's, Series 2 and they aren't even close. They also have a 30 day trial which is fantastic. They are also twenty percent off using this link

  6. I’m partly deaf in one ear/ tinnitus – I wander if they will even out the sound – as most headphones are boggling my Brain atm ?

  7. Good idea but 80 Canadian dollar good idea because Samsung Note 8 phones can test your hearing too with a similar process to determine how to best deliver the best sound for you. For this price I went with the Sennheiser’s HD1. Best BANG for the buck.

  8. such BS – clearly the 'generic' profile is the same thing Beats and other shysters do; the 'generic' profile is intentionally bad, they don't give you a flat sound they give you a sound with all frequencies reduced – like all the graphic equaliser bands are reduced.

    Then they whack them up on your 'personalised' mode. Simple trick – $400 worth? Ahahahahaha.

    As their results show – the profiling is just BS tech. The mix of in ear and over ear is interesting – but overshadowed by the con.

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