This Smartphone Changes Everything…

The Oppo Find X may be our best glimpse into our collective smartphone future. Smartphones are set to become completely bezel-less and the Oppo Find X is …


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  1. Putting the rear cameras on the mechanical slide is a bad idea. Unlike the Vivo NEX it's used EVERY TIME you unlock the phone or when you want to take a picture. It might have a higher chance of breaking under normal use.

  2. That mecanics part will failed 6 months later we all know it's not the "perfect" smartphone future BUT it's still better than the Vivo one.

  3. Fucking enoying that u ask to sunscribe when i alredy dos it, and i cant fucking get it away, get that shit the fuck of the videos its fucking anoying and i am gonna stop watching u its so shit. Destrpys the whole video

  4. not a fan of the curved screen on the edges, and i think the moving part is too overdone. i like the design of vivo nex better

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