Nokia 1 hands-on – MWC 2018

The Nokia 1 has been announced at MWC 2018 running Android Go, the lightweight version of Google’s mobile operating system. costing around $80, it lowers …


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  1. It has the potential to revolutionize the poorer nations if executed correctly. But $80 is still a lot of money for countries where you only make $100-200 per month.

  2. I will be looking into it as I'm not interested in the wank factor of some of the bigger phones. Nor interested in forever chasing the biggest/best specs. Some do and by all means good luck them them. But I do ask, are you really happy with the latest and greatest or the anticipation of getting the latest and greatest or both. I suspect both. I have been using some lite versions of some apps on a four year old mobile with less specs than this and have no lag at all. And file sizes are small as is data usage. Facebook Lite App is about 6MB for example.

  3. Мда, нокиа в своем стиле, у китайцев с такими характеристиками за 40$ можно купить… никогда они из жопы не выберутся… )

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