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  1. A much scarier question what if Halo 4 is the best Halo ever made….the is a scary question so scary it's a load of bullshit just look at player count to this day June of 2018 there is still a solid player base on 3 and this game is dead……dead

  2. to those who say that Halo 4 is a bad game you are so wrong this game is awesome I mean it's not the best Halo ever but it's a very good game and I'm sure you'll enjoy it I

  3. I also love Halo 4, but there is one thing that I REALLY; REAAAALLLLLYYYY don't like about Halo 4: It's the "Bossfight" at the end. I mean you have to press ONE BUTTON to kill one of the most badass characters in the Halo series. That's the only only thing I don't like about this game

  4. Totally a lie, except that incredible next gen graphic alike, halo 4 had nothing to offer to be a best game of last gen console…

  5. I think that 343 nailed the campaign, although I hate how you run out of ammo every 5 seconds, and I think that they shouldn't have gone so in depth with the characters. I don't really like the multiplayer though, I mean its OK but feels too complex. Halo 4 IS IN NO WAY the best halo game, that is either 1,2, or 3. This review is a huge over exaggeration of how good this game really is and any halo fan can see that.343 gets way too much hate and I think that the games they have made so far (as of April 2018) have been fairly good, but they need to return to the classic feel of the original Halo games.I give halo 4 a 8.4/10. That is my humble opinion.

  6. It has claimed best game on Xbox and guess who it was from? That's right you ign you tangle yourself up to much and that's why no one relies on you

  7. 343 industries put so much love and care in this Halo and bungi I feel should take some notes, they may have created Halo but 343 perfected it from visuals to sound design, it's incredible

  8. " Halo 4 is the best halo i have ever played"
    Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo CE.
    Halo 4 isn't bad, just has a lot more problems then these games

  9. Halo is supposed to be a relaxing chill game, but 343 turned Halo 4 into a mix of both fast high intensity reflex moments under a slow paced backdrop which didn't sit well with me. The whole vibe was a contradiction in terms for example they had these beautiful environments to walk around and look at but the foreboding and ominous vibe from The Prometheans prevented you from blastin and relaxin. It's sort of like watching a stand up comedian who has evil eyes and tells mean funny jokes. It's funny which is good but you can't enjoy it with a clean conscious.

  10. When this review first came out, I laughed at it and thought it was a massive over statement. Last summer I replayed all the Halo campaigns again. Honestly, looking back, I can see where this guy is coming from. Halo 4's campaign was way better than 3's, and it was probably my favorite besides reach. I just didn't like the multiplayer aspect as much as previous games.

  11. Yep halo 4 is better than fall of cybertron great job ign even though transformers fall of cybertron is much better than halo 4 who's idea was this I like halo 4 but no just no

  12. I wish people could at least said that halo 4 was at least ok for a halo game but just not the best. If i been working on the game i would have been making the story more intresting including making the prometheans more fun to play against.

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