TOP 6 ALTCOINS TO BUY DURING THE DIP!!! Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest 2018! [Bitcoin News]

Hey Altcoin Daily team,
As the crypto market stays bearish, I want to point out some great buying opportunities available during the dip.

Today, I talk about Ripple (XRP), Power Ledger (POWR), Neo (NEO), Ethos, (ETHOS), Cardano (ADA), and Tron (TRX).

Enjoy the video. What altcoins are you buying in the dip?.

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*Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. This stuff just works for me.

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  1. If XRP is such a great buy….why are you not invested? Makes no sense, why would someone not invest if they were so sure something is a good investment.

  2. electrify asia is way undervalued they have massive partnerships and are moving fast. better value than powerledger

  3. I'd say to check out Digipulse (DGPT). First Digital inheritance token, low market cap and token supply, just got a write up in the Forbes and also just released their completed platform. It's a way to never lose your crypto fortune if you end up passing away suddenly. Kind of a scary, dark thought but I've seen too many horror stories about people dying suddenly and their families having no chance to obtain their crypto fortunes. Digipulse is definitely a sleeper!

  4. I do believe Google Pay is Tron Coin's new partner to be revealed on the 30th of this month. Check – The Cryptic Bloom dot com – for more information

  5. For months there's been a opportunity to buy great coins super cheap. ButThe end of the dip was the 30th of June. So why are you coming out with this video now that it's over?

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