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  1. I feel like I need a college course to figure out what phone to buy. I have no idea what difference snapdragon makes or the difference between any of these operating systems I know nothing about or any of the other "specs" I just want a phone that's going to last me 10 + years and is not going to get bogged down with constant updates that break my phone.

  2. wtf seriously you need better taste in background music. Had to skip through and just stop watching because it's so annoying.

  3. "Capture and learn about the world around you with the Moto G6" ???? – If I want advertising copy I'll go to their website…. I was hoping for some reasonable comparisons…

  4. $500 is really more of a Normal smart phone to me and the crappy iPhones and others around 1000 and up are enthusiasts phones, you didn't really go through many budget phones as most of these are quite expensive still

  5. Come on !!! What about the STK sx for under £200 about 250 dollars with everything you get with this phone 3 year warranty and life time live support and 16 mp front and back cameras ect ect what is better ??? Thanks

  6. Huawei is properly pronounced "whoAWE-way" (emphasis on the "awe"; the breathy hint of "who" is very subtle — kind of like you first gently blow at a downy feather as you start to say the word awe). It sounds rather like the first syllable of water ("WA-ter"). So "HUA-wei" is like simply turning "WA-ter" into "WA-way". It's that easy.

  7. With all respect the Asus Zenfone max pro m1 should take the number 1 spot. It comes with the same processor sd636 as the redmi note 5 and outperforms it due to the close to stock UI all while having a cheaper price tag than the redmi note 5. You can get the 6 gb ram variant for the same price as the rn5 4gb ram variant.
    Not to mention it has a 5000mAh battery which even most modern flagships don't come with , the ram management is also the best I've personally experienced in any smartphone.
    The 6gb ram variant also has a better camera than the rn5, it does not force beautify every shot as the rn5 does (if you wanted that, you could get third party apps like snow, which does a better job), unlike the rn5 though it does not have EIS enabled yet, but it will be in the next update and android P and Q have also been promised for it . I've had the Max pro m1 for a month now and the only complains i have is that it's kinda hard to find a good tempered screen protector for the beautiful 2.5d curved screen, though the glass that the max pro m1 comes with seems to be as tough as gorilla glass 3, so you might not even need one.
    If anyone reading this wants my opinion, i would suggest you go for the Zenfone max pro M1 if you want a great all rounded phone.
    Go for the Redmi note 5 if you want the pink/rose-gold variant (i almost chose rn5 over zenfone just for that)
    Or, if you want just looks and bragging rights with a premium looking phone with similar performance as the RN5 and Zenfone max pro m1, then wait for the Oppo realme 2 pro

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