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  1. Im not even going to lie, Im really looking forward to Marvel Powers United. Has anyone tried it out at a BestBuy?

  2. my 1080 is is still kicking the shit out of all the titles i have, i only see frame loss when recording. but that's not the cards fault its the cpu working its ass off. even water cooled its tough to record VR in top resolution and 5.1 . but i feel like people have spent their hard earned money on their pc's phones, TV's. that they want it in hi res with surround.

  3. It sucks balls that industry leading vaginas were so terrified to trigger memories of a 30 year old fuckup known as the "Powerglove" that they deliberately avoided developing VR controllers that make all the sense in the world for Vive and Oculus. I mean that tracking has been super easy and super accurate for a longass while now and just using your hands and gestures would've been so much more natural, like just pick up a toy gun/sword and have a field day or a disconnected controller you had lying around – glove will see your finger and hand movements in order to apply the appropriate actions/bound button presses.

  4. It's so true about the people waiting to jump into VR. Like almost all tech there is always something just a few years away. You can wait your whole life for the next cool product to come out.

    Side not though it's nice to see gcards AND VR gear both come down in price

  5. I really dont get where esl got the idea from off the unspoken attendace shrinking in the last few weeks.
    Especially from the EU side of things its been growing lately while the NA side has seen steady numbers except for the very last week.

    Now where they could get this idea from is by comparing it to the last season (which had more then triple the amount of cups and a couple of free weekends while the tourneys were going on compared to no free weekends during this one)

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