Youtube Being Sued? – Bitconnect Lawsuit Pulls in Youtube – CryptoCurrency News

Youtube has now been officially pulled into the Bitconnect lawsuit as a defendant. They are looking to be responsible for over $700,000 in damages! CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. Bitconnect destroyed alot of hopes and dreams. there must be serious consequences. Litecoin MDJMi97j5fwHpynVa1u1PpD94ByoVbzTBG

  2. Nope. People who invested in bitconnect and maybe some youtubers who advertised in their channels are responsible not youtube.

  3. Very hard if you lost that kind of money. Lost a few thousand myself, I don't think youtube is to be blamed, although it was "THE" medium to promote it.

  4. It sounds as if YouTube is partially at fault here, but you don't want to piss YouTube off. A lot of crypto information is shared on this platform. I mean, look at all of us…


  5. Ridiculous. They are throwing BS against the wall and trying to find something that sticks. I NEVER come up on the side of big corporations, but this time, I gotta say, it's a bit of a stretch.

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