My Hero Academia 3×14 REACTION -“Create Those Ultimate Moves” – Nice gadgets, Hatsume. [REUPLOAD]

The video got blocked, so I decided to edit a bit and reupload it. The audio and visual might look and sound weird tho, just a heads up. I am pretty excited to see …


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  1. ((Welp, my video got blocked. So Imma copy and paste my comment here lol.))
    All Might's face when Deku uses his new move. Its like as if "My boy has grown up, from a quirkless timid boy to this." MY HEART, AAAAAA
    Also, Happy belated birthday Deku!! <3

  2. I think a lot of people’s reactions get taken down because of the songs in the OP and ED, maybe you could mute those parts on the audience’s end? I’m not 100% sure but I’ve kinda noticed that and maybe that’d help!

  3. I know if the opening theme or ending theme music plays, even if its quite, people can still be pretty tight on copyright. The two strats I see people use that helps with general copyrights is either applying a filter in the video so its changed. Even a simple color filter can help. The other is to cover a portion of the episode you are watching with some sort of graphic. Doesn't have to be too much, but enough so that not the whole thing is being seen. Aside from that, not much else I can personally think of, aside from the standard alter the sound of the episode through editing, but i know that can be annoying. Best of luck.

  4. Flip the video and modify the sound a pitch down or up in order to avoid claims , i've seen people that add a mask like a green filter in front of the video or stuff like that.

  5. Would you ever react to AMV's? You may not be able to monetise the video, but it'd be awesome if you did. For example "from the flame on VermillionAMV channel"

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