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  1. If your looking for better graphics go A.W 17 or 15 additional w/ graphics amplifier if ur looking for working project +mid games rated graphics go for razer

  2. Can anyone get me a good gaming laptop,fair performance,medium sized screen and cheap price. I doubt it anyway. :/

  3. Imagine a gaming laptop that had the performance, specs and qualityof both the macbook pro and the razer blade for the price of a console. I would surely buy that…

  4. One question.
    How can it be a gaming laptop,if it doesn't have a CD-ROM input?
    I mean,I get that gamers buy games online these days,but what if you have some old games that you want to play on it?
    Oh,and I'm not a hater just saying and I hope it doesn't sound like it,but I just have a question.

  5. I dont like these really slim Gaming laptops I'd rather go for something like Asus ROG that has a good cooling system 

  6. I buy this for $1,500 after tax+ include a 3 year accidental warranty and 5 year service warranty+ 1080p IPS screen. I would buy it with an instant (price is $1,499 on Amazon as of this moment).

  7. you can get a more powerful alienware but whats the point of having a gaming laptop if its too heavy for your lap and you need a desk to use it…may as well buy a desktop then

  8. Alienware is overpriced…too fat…too heavy.
    Razer is fairly priced due to its thin look, and its a notebook.

  9. id rather get alienware then this its much more higher fashion and not mediocre and its fully customizable and starts at 1099 where the blade starts at 1700 and my specs are way higher on my alienware for only 1700 

  10. This seems like the laptop of my dreams, except for the price. I don't think there is another laptop with this much power but with the thinness and portability (which i highly value). If so someone please prove me wrong. I would thank you for it

  11. Mnnn….I like the looks of this thing, but hearing about the display is very disappointing. Not to mention it's got no storage at the lowest price. Not counting 120gb as storage for much.

  12. this thing is a fucking rip off, you're not paying for a laptop…you're paying for a Name….like Alienware.

    you can get a better, cheaper laptop.

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