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Federal Reserve Chairman Slams Crypto, A Congressman Joins In

Federal Reserve Chairman Slams Crypto, A Congressman Joins In

071818 — “The Future of Money: Digital Currency” (EventID=108581)

2018 Crypto Investment Report: Institutional Investors Provide 56% of Capital Inflow

Grayscale Releases First-Ever Digital Asset Investment Report


Marc Lasry: I’m personally invested around 1% in bitcoin

A staunch bitcoin bear says this recent surge might have legs


DJ King Crypto Banker

David Solomon’s (DJ D-Sol) ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ remix

Blankfein to hand Goldman Sachs reins to Solomon

Mastercard Files Patent to Link Fiat and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Mastercard Patent: Method and system for linkage of blockchain-based assets to fiat currency accounts


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  1. The FED is great at borrowing money and digging a deeper hole for America. They should stick with what they know. Bitcoin doesn't have to be successful in every country and that's quite alright. Let's see what happens next!

  2. what government is really saying when they are pessimist and rejected something is "where's my piece? dont i get some piece? where do i ask for a piece of cake? when i do, ill be happy" just like after somebody had sex or just jerked off

  3. The MasterCard news is NOT good news. Essentially they're trying to protect their asses because soon they will slowly become obsolete. The patent, which I overlooked, is quite broad. It won't get passed, and even if they eventually snake their way past VISA, etc, it'll take months and months for them to edit, and re-file. By that time— either EOS or OMG, etc will be able to do enormous amounts of transactions per second. EOS is already at 2600 TPS. Steemit is at 10k TPS. So….a few fold away, but I'm confident they will catch up quickly. Also…….WTH!!!….The friggin CEO of Mastercard said crypto was junk 8 months ago!! I will never have a MasterCard. Screw that,….. don't forget what the whole cryptosphere/cryptoverse is about— getting away from Fiat,…getting away from centralization. MasterCard is not,…nor ever will be decentralized.

  4. What scares me, is that he's an elected official. Does he not have advisors, interns, anyone with a sliver of basic knowledge? Not believing in the worth of crypto is one thing, but to spew out misguided rhetoric constantly, requires skill. Hopefully all his words fall on deaf ears.

  5. AWESOME video thank for not using clickbait "US BANNING CRYPTO" these youtube assholes will do anything for a view. Your is the best information today by far! Thank you for spreading the COMPLETE news.

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