Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Ready to Run?! – Crypto Analysis & Cryptocurrency News


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Here’s my analysis of why I believe the Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are ready to run! Let’s also discuss some cryptocurrency trading analysis and current news on today’s live stream!

? Let’s get this crypto!

Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, charts, technical analysis, insights, news and price predictions. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Deciding to invest in and/or buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!


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  1. But looking at the daily, we haven´t gone through consolidation yet. The cycle is not complete. Although some juicy swings are on the table.

  2. I tried leverage trading for the first time and it worked, i invested 1 btc and i earned a profit of 6btc in just a space of 4 weeks i was so amazed. thank you so much jeffrey wecker for your assistance.

  3. Hey Kirby, Great Vid. 11% down Great, I'll buy some more, 11% up awesome too. 10K by The end of the month, 8 more days, very doable, after that 20K BTC by the end of 2018, Fricking Awesome, Happy DAYS Are Here Again, YES, Peace

  4. I put in a small position @$7608. Kept the Liq price BELOW support. So this new position is one that is ready for a breakout, in case said breakout hits at 3am and I'm super Pissed off. And if it pulled back at 3am It wouldn't liquidate As I set my margins well outside support and resistance. I'm sure you get the idea, you may be "ready" but unless you have a limit buy high enough you are a human meatbag like me and the crypto market is 24/7!

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  6. 9 am here in the Midwest and BTC is over 7.7k atm! Crazy shit! Wish I were home trading rather than being stuck at work in this stupid kitchen!

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