Crypto Bobby Discusses Bitcoin, Creating Content, And More!

Today we are joined by cryptocurrency youtuber Crypto Bobby

You can find Bobby’s youtube channel here:

Starting next week podcasts will return to the podcast channel here:


Introduction (0:00 – 0:53)

Buffalo Chicken Wraps (0:54 – 1:32)

Moving to NY (1:33 – 1:55)

NY Blockchain life (1:56 – 4:12)

ICO Regulation (4:13 – 9:12)

Crypto Portfolio/Being transparent with audience (9:13 – 14:00)

Thoughts on the market/coins (14:01 – 21:20)

Centralization in Bitcoin (21:21 – 23:07)

Coins invested in (23:08 – 26:55)

Masternodes (26:56 – 30:13)

Tron (30:51 – 33:51)

Air swap (33:52 – 35:30)

Job transitioning (35:31 – 37:42)

Overwhelming space (37:43 – 44:20)

Phishing/scam (44:21 – 46:37)

Bitcoin usability (46:38 – 48:40)

Augur (48:41 – 51:00)

Decentralization in platforms (51:01 – 56:08)

Usefulness of Dapps (56:09 – 1:00:00)

Security (1:00:01 – 1:04:17)

Making content on YouTube (1:04:18 – 1:08:13)

People and Attachments to their coin (1:08:14 – 1:14:05)

Verge (1:14:06 – 1:20:50)

Places to learn/Good twitter users (1:20:51 – 1:26:00)

Conclusion and Final Thoughts (1:26:01 – 1:27:45)


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About the Author: Doug Polk Crypto


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  2. I enjoy your content Doug but your absence during the bear market shows me you invested too much during the bull run, hope you didn't/don't panic sell brother. <3

  3. Doug its not your fault that people aren't smart enough to make their own decisions with their money, given due diligence. And, as for Bobby. That dude!! He's the first guy I started watching, this time last year. Bobby and Carter Thomas are my go to shows.

  4. My reflection – N.Y. is a crypto-world-centre as all other financial centras around the globe. The beauty is: Finance and Tech is moving in together for the first time ever in our history. amen. Joakim 🙂

  5. Doulk just quick one for you know you won't see this as it is so far down in the comments section but if you could please report or delete the first comment on your youtube page as its ponzi scam I think we should be outting these low life's they tried to get me but I didn't fall for it but if someone on your channel did it would go for everything you stand for first comment delete please fake comments as well

  6. holy shit this guy is an idiot.. before you dog the "Tron vote" know what you're talking about.. its not 120 million people voting for Justin.. they put up how ever many coins they want to as a "vote" so each coin is a vote.. a person would have multiple "votes"……..note* im not in tron

    This guy is also invested in a ponzi scheme.. gtfo

  7. Jesus, come on now guys… Let's be realistic here. What is Crypto Bobby's opinion really worth? The guy shows up in the Dec ATH, has no previous knowledge of blockchain technology or cryptology yet he's an advisor to many shitcoins.

    Guys, if you follow anything clueless 'gurus' shill, you'll go broke. Avoid people like Crypto Bobby, their worth in crypto is literally their social media following and nothing more. No credentials, no knowledge, nothing… Just self entitlement because he has a few thousand followers on social media and some how this gives him credibility to give financial advice?

    Where were you in 2013 Bobby?

  8. Great video thanks, So many people on here & social media excited about the markets now, but why not be involved when the markets when low and you could have benefited even more? Good times ahead though as i have always said, its not even started yet.. 🙂 .

  9. Look , everything follows bitcoin , but its not as simple as that ( ive been doing this longer than most )
    Its about timing , im a believer in bitcoin it is the pure gold , however timing the market is everything in regards to alternative coins .
    I bought 2000 Stratis at 20 cents , but sold when my beloved btc took off , if i had held my investment would of been 20k , Ive been waiting for my next Stratis , and the truth of the matter is timing is everything . At the moment the alts are still smashed into the ground , everyone is bitter , that too me means buy time .
    The coins im betting on rising before i flip them into btc ( yep flipping coins into btc is a good idea if you cam make it work )
    Xst stealth
    Whitecoin ( yeah wot ? It gained 40,000% last 365 days putting it at the top of gainers)
    Zec , this coin always fucks me over but one day ! One day !
    Dgb – 25b in total , far less than rivals and also far cheaper . Xrp and str have around 100b
    Wings – this is a punt , its on bittrex and binance and is an erc20 coin , however its listed on big exchanges with a total supply limit of 100m , for me this coin could easily be worth £20 , and i will be flipping those profits into btc .
    Btc will climb and climb and keep going , this us why you must always hold some bitcoin , lets say nothing changes and it keeps dominating the market and become a global reserve currency .
    Well that would mean 10 dollars worth of btc would be valued at 10 million dollars , yup , crazy , insane but its just math . Btc does not care , which is exactly why you must ALWAYS hold at least some Btc .
    Been saying this since 2014 .

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