IGN STOLE a Review and It’s a Dumpster Fire! – Dead Cells Angry Rant

TIME FOR AN ANGRY RANT ABOUT STOLEN REVIEWS!! Boomstick gaming’s awesome video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKF6xnvaCsE Share and …


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  1. This was a hard video to make since I know the person who stole the video but I thought it was important to share my thoughts. Thanks for watching and liking this video and please share it somewhere if you want to help spread the word. Much love. <3

  2. Starting to wonder how many of filips alleged YouTube Freinds are after his job with these videos half way through this it seems like dreamcast guy was going through his cv for ign ?

  3. You don't need to convince us that your work is great. Your passion and hard work are evident every time I watch. Looking forward to another video and thanks for all the great content!

  4. Don't worry, IGN won't give one single fuck about this. It will bring more attention to their channel and if things get out of hand they will throw Filip under the bus. Oh wait… they already did that ?

  5. I get you rant but you bought up Filip name very quick , in my opinion you should of just focus on IGN it self specially if he talking to you about his work and you are saying that he tells you personal things about his current job..that not cool in my eyes but aside from that info appreciate your content and I hope that nothing bad happens to Filip he looks like a hard working guy.

  6. One of my favorite reviews you did was the Evil Within 2 and the reason why i like it the most because of your major passion for horror titles and the word usage you describe within the context of it.

  7. Filip sold himself by joining the hellgates that is IGN. His content was more genuine when he was active on his personal channel, now he's being controlled and squeezed by the top dogs in the industry.

  8. You’re right DCG. I have really lost a lot of respect for F1L1P and I’m sorry but this plagiarism is so blatant that F1L1P should be fired for it. IGN is not directly at fault here because they trust their editors to create their own content. We are all under some form of pressure at work, school, or in personal lives and said pressure doesn’t justify stealing content in any way, shape, or form. Now supporting Boomstick Gaming with views and likes, and I hope others will do so as well so that he can gain more success after this injurious theft of his content.

  9. One of my favorite @DreamcastGuy videos was the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review. I had never heard about that game, I had picked up a New Nintendo 3DS near launch and after playing tons of Monster Hunter, Xenoblade was released. The review expressed so much passion for the game, it made me buy it the next day. Props on the great reviews, man.

  10. Didn't IGN steal someone else's video not so long ago? I swear I was at work and scrolling down on videos and someone said IGN stole their video but I forgot who. I thought it was you but I didn't see the video

  11. Favorite review of a game for me was Shadow of the Colosseus made by Caddicarus (your review were great, nothing bad about. Yours were wonderful) he managed to give such a clear and objetivly wonderful look at it and also came with some mistakes the game has carried over since the PS2 days, not blinded by any bias. It was masterful m/

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