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  1. Took me a day to finish it and it is actually far from good. It's a DS clone with a shit tone of bugs that are often times so ridiculous that you start to ask yourself if the game your playing is still an alpha version. The game in its 1.0 state was around 1.8 GB large, the resent update wich only added bug fixes had a size of almost 800Mb so you guys can imagine how flawed the game is.
    After playing it for another 4 hours after the update was installed to see what they actually fixed ( cause they don't tell you in the PS4 menu ) I had to find out that the game still crashes unbelievably often. In my 4 hours today the game crashed 17 times, sometimes by simply obtaining an item or moving on to the next area.

    The game has potential and works similar to Salt and Sanctuary but I would wait a couple of days or a week or two until more of these ridiculous errors are fixed cause the game in its current state is BARELY playable/enjoyable.
    IF they fix it properly, it'll be worth the money

  2. So far this game feels less like a metroidvania and more like a boss rush. I also feel like the bosses have too much health but that might be from me not going the "intended" way.

  3. Don't buy it yet. The game keeps crashing for me on the Thalamous fight and I can't progress at all (PS4)
    Other people have reported losing their save data. Wait for a patch!

  4. I just bought this and Dead Cells, and if we're talking about tight controls it's not here, switching back n forth between the 2 games is night and day, The game is a bit clunky sometimes and it matters a lot when your punishment is so much. Not giving up yet obviously, but the controls and fluidity are deff not up to Dead Cells.

  5. No offense but you aren't addressing some of the serious flaws in this title.

    Maybe you haven't realized it, but your video is in 720p and a lot of the UI elements are hard to read, full of pixel warping. I play it in 720p and it looks just as bad as in your video. But it looks better in 1080p. However this is a bad thing. This means this game can't be downscaled from 1080p. And not only that, but even at 1080p there are STILL pixel warping issues due to aspect ratio incompatibilities.

    And tons of people are having fullscreen speed issues, myself included. I can't play this game on my 720p TV in fullscreen at all. It's completely unplayable.

    9/10 I hope you got paid for this review. I've even encountered bugs and I haven't even played for an hour yet. This is beta quality game. Early access. They're releasing a buggy game at retail just like all the smucks who release games buggy, and are going to patch it in the future (or maybe they wont!).

  6. I havn't completed the whole game yet but im about halfway through considering I beat 6 bosses and areas already. It really has alot of good going for the game and is solid for an Indie title made by a small team and limited resources. With that in mind, im going to give some honest criticisms and I don't mean them in harsch tone but just my honest experience. I am a Souls connoisseur and I really understand this genre quite well.

    Death's Gambit feels like It mainly just lacks polish. It has few very minor bugs.

    1. Some damage number misprints when enchanting weapons not matching the base damage shown in menu. 2. Extra skill/level points you get from capes and helmets etc adding up to a weapon/ability requirement still not allowing you to use the weapon or ability. (Could be a design choice but it doesnt really make sense to me)
    3. Unresponsive controls (sometimes)

    I am still enjoying Death's Gambit and I think its beautiful, creative and has tremendous potential. The boss fights are very cleverly designed and challenging and really is the best quality of this game. Seriously some of the best boss fights i've seen and I love that you can come back and fight a heroic version of the bosses!

    Since we are in the souls like genre and 2d I couldn't help but compare it to Salt & Sanctuary. When you have played both games you can really see a difference in polish and an overall smoothness. Salt has flawless combat and responsiveness and no loading time while moving about the world with very clean graphics while Death's Gambit has very unresponsive combat alot of times and feels too clunky and annoying mini load screens as you move about. I love Death's Gambits art style and there addition of weapon abilities to add more flavor to combat. Stamina management feels really off as well in Deaths Gambit even after pumping a ton of points into haste and endurance, I see no difference.

    Overall its worth picking up and I give props to the team who made it and hope them nothing but success because I would love to see this game improve and the concept grow. I cant rate it until I complete it but just wanted to give feedback and I hope they see it.

  7. Don’t buy it on PS4 the game is buggy as hell and has tons of game breaking bugs. I love the game but I can’t play it until they fix this hot mess.

  8. I've only played a hour of this game and I love this game. Good review , it's nice to see a Scottish reviewer since you don't see that many.

  9. Unfinished garbage, the combat is so terible, the hit boxes are propably the worst i ever see. the Control of your character is delayed and akward at best.
    Some of the bosses i dont think any1 tested them.
    Leveling stats feels pointless, 5 Fin or 20 fin stats, you do basicaly 5 -7 more dmg . leveling stamina is like trying to discover every corner of the earth, 2 dodges and 1 atack all stamina gona, doesnt matter how much you leveld up. all skills are fucking delayed and all are interupted. healing is painfully slow with a huge delay. if you get hit during the drink animation you interupted and doesnt mater how hard you press the button to drink again, you have to wait at least 1 second before you start again the animation to drink with its own timer +1 sec or 1.5 sec .
    And dont get me started about the Press down on the D-pad to interact with objests and pres the L1 to climb ladders….dear fucking god.

    If i have to say something good about this game is the voice acting and there is a "story"
    Everything else 1/10

    If you have to buy a similar game, go buy Dead cells without a second thought

  10. My only complaint with the combat is that some animations are out of sync with the audio. Those purple shield guys have it bad with their two-hit combo, for example. The first strike is fine but the second strike's audio ends before the animation is actually over.

  11. I really hate those youtube ads and I immediately skip em. But thanks to 1 youtube ad that advertised this game I watched the whole ad and this review and just purchased it on my PS4.

    Thanks for your review!

  12. The Combat is so clunky. If you use an ability it takes seconds and if you get hit it cancels. Ability energy doesn't store is decreases so you have to use it even if you don't want too. General stiffness. Hit boxes. Everything is beautiful but the combat doesn't hold up. The wind up animations for enemy attacks ar either too fast or too slow and it's very hard to tell when your away to get hit.

    Salt & Sanctuary is vastly superior and that was made by 2 people over 4 years. Extremely disappointed. 4/10 below average.

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