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  1. All I want to know is do they have a Helmet designer! would love to have different helmets for different tracks… just saying could be a cool perk sort of thing. I also wonder and this could be more wishful thinking… anyone remember Toca 2? It would be cool if Codemasters also created either British Touring car, or even the Blancpain series. Just saying…..

  2. But I think graphic can improve a little bit.
    Except for Assetto Corsa Competizione, other racing game didn't show the dashboard LED light that has a blur effect to rely on the weather.

  3. Finally some MGU-H/K indicators on the wheel display, hopefully we'll be able to fully control the charging, deployment and harvesting of the power unit. They said they'll have 5 profiles of ERS management which sounds similar to what we've been seeing in Assetto Corsa for the past 2 years with SF15-T.

    Obviously those who use assists or auto-ERS management are the usual noobs and online wreckers, people please stay away from this game, we want 100% realism.

    Can we also please have ERS mapping per track section as in real life? For those who aren't aware, the driver typically doesn't have to change ERS profiles all the time unless an outstanding situation arises (eg. during overtake). Other than that the car is always aware of where exactly in the track it is (via GPS) and uses different preset ERS profiles per corner, per straight, etc. The same can also be true for other settings, like continuously adjusting brake balancing per turn.

    The absence of this makes driving very hard in racing sims like Assetto Corsa, as even in relatively short and simple tracks like Red Bull A1 Ring in Austria, you have to change ERS settings at a rate of 20 button clicks per lap or so. Even with racing wheels which have plenty of buttons (like the Thrustmaster F1) it's a very tiring situation and takes away for concentration if you do a couple of mistakes out of those 20-30 changes/lap.

  4. I have not been playing F1 2017 online because I liked playing Sprint mode F1 2016 with damage off and in 2017 you don't have modes like that. You have to search all the matches and most of them are reduced damage but I still end up with a wheel off by end of Lap 1.

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