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  1. So I played the first season on PS3 years ago and loved it but now I have a PS4 and want to know should I play through season one again? Or is it possible to just start season 2 without transferring the data

  2. Worst game EVER, As soon as you get into the game it's over! I literally played for less than 1 hour and 45 minutes…. THATS IT! WTF? is telltale thinking? there is no more episodes???? So upset, Never again! Survival Instinct was better than this garbage!

  3. Do the save files from the first season matter? I gave season 1 on Steam and now season 2 is on sale on GOG. I want to buy it but if your choices from the first game have any significance I prefer to buy it on Steam.

  4. just a side note every telltale game on the psvita is completetly broken…the walking dead…a wolf among us…borderlands and game of thrones the framerate is so bad you will never complete an action scene

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