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  1. I personally didn’t mind the trial and area art of the game, but the only thing I thought could have been a lot better were the perspectives. I was constantly running off of edges or missing jumps because I couldn’t tell where my character was in relations to other things, which was what I found lead to the most frustrating deaths. I also didn’t like the brightness because I could hardly ever see what I was doing which was mildly frustrating but that’s only my fault.

  2. I clicked this because the games currently on sale but can I just say this is absolutely the best review I've ever seen from IGN… and maybe any outlet. This guy is A+. More of him please.

  3. Now that I do my own reviews. I realise just how bad IGN reviews are. You literally told me nothing about the game. Length, nope. Types of puzzle, nope. Graphics including frame rate, nope. Sound, nope. This is just incredibly frustrating and lazy. Where did the final score even come from. Did you just pluck 8.8 out of thin air? Why not 8.7 or 7.8 . One day I will be the IGN. Then you can see that scores should be based on reasoned facts and show the viewer WHY. Painful.

  4. so this game will last around 5 hours or so… aye idk.. i was gonna buy this game for Nintendo switch but its like 40$ here in Canada just for only 5 hours or so… aye idk i think ima wait for this one

  5. They should expand this games world into a diffrent style of game. Weapons, upgrades, boss battles and little creature enemys your size that you kill along the way. A button mashing hack and slash adventure would be amazing in this type of world.

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