iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

http://dbrand.com/iphone-skins With the iPhone SE Apple is betting on a smaller form factor device. While I understand the motivation, it’s difficult to get excited …


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  1. The SE is technically brilliant, a 6S Plus powered device in the perfect form factor and design of the 5S is genius, but y’know gotta hate on Apple to follow the crowd…

  2. Ya.. What they do is slightly increase everything… Other than that it's a stupid phone that still cost too much with those same lame models.. Except iPhone x.. That phone is still unthinkable that they really did something for the first time.

  3. not an apple fan, but honestly the 5s was the sexiest of them all, improving the internals is just great. Shame they didn't make a plus version, just too small for my taste.

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