Bitcoin To $30,000 When Institutions Join 2019 | Will BTC Reach $400,000 By September 2021?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Can the Bitcoin price reach $30,000 by 2019? Well, the institutional investors are buying Bitcoin, and my Bitcoin price prediction takes that into account. To make this Bitcoin price prediction accurate I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price, but also take a look at the Bitcoin fundamentals that are very bullish right now. Watch the video to learn more!

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  1. Bit coin is a system created by a group of day dreamer , trying to act smart!!! Thinking all people are stupid and greedy!!! Just one question!! Are you building a castle in the air with no ground? What kind of foundation are you on?

  2. You keep blabbering meanwhile bitcoin goes to zero…Just watch your previous videos from April ..anyone heard you must have lost so much money…Guys get a life …

  3. Binance chart… Lowest support is $2817. I'm expecting a huge bounce when this support is broken. Binance is huge trading volume in the crypto world and number one exchange coin.

  4. Sell ​​Bitcoin as soon as possible … will be declared illegal and will collapse along with almost all cryptomonedas (except for BSV that will resurge from the ashes like the Phoenix and will be something like never seen) … buy Bitcoin SV (BSV ), will be the only bit of the future … I changed to this position about 3 weeks ago … I am informed of sources that few follow … if you do not believe me, little by little reality will tell … I I have fulfilled in letting you know …

  5. It’s so interesting and likewise hilarious when i watch videos and see so many perspectives about cryptos, hodling and trading. So many views and you cant help but laugh when you see how erroneous and misleading many of these are. The biggest of them all that really cracks me is the naivety with which a larger percentage of cryto enthusiast use in screaming HODL without realizing the reasons to hodl and in what kind of market to implement this strategy with the hopes that btc is going to be $1,000,000 or xrp $250,000 in the next couple of years. This fallacy is further fueled by greed which would see so many lose all their savings to hypes. Cryptocurrency today sadly is largely speculative, unpredictable and risky to hold onto for anybody who is technical enough to look critically at the long term trend, read the charts and understand the markets. Why should i invest long term in the most uncertain market in the world? I’d tell you why i can and how i do it and also how you can if you so wish. With proven strategies and signals, i have made quite a lot of profit (over $80,000) even in this currently bearish market through actively trading my coins and this was until i took time to research and find a better method of making profit instead of holding and having sleepless nights. First of all, i am able to make gains on movements that would cause loses to hodlers. This simple idea was giving me by Mr Mark Hall (markhall279@gmail com) when i started using his strategies and trade signals which has made me so much money already. My advice would to take advantage of the affordability of bitcoin presently and buy some more but dont just buy, trade them to make good profit and increase your portfolio in preparation for the approaching bull run. I’d suggest you reach Mark by the mail address provided and ask him for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader. He is someone that has giving me invaluable help with his trade patterns and signals that are so accurate i win at least 95% of all my trades.

  6. On the contrary, I think you have something going on here… I believe that this bear market has been going on for way too much and will lead to an explosive move upwards. The cycles continue to present themselves time and time again, in crypto and in stocks. Speaking of which, I believe the crash in stocks will start very very soon. Take a look at the DOW and you will see I am not that far off target… What do you think, Carl? Think we are on the same page? Love your channel!! 😀

  7. Haha. Carl you Copycat! I think mine is a little more accurate. You can view my prediction for next bitcoin bullrun peak on my channel. Coincidentally which was put up a day before this one. 😉 I think you are off because you are assuming our bottom is in already.

  8. In 2017 mining Bitcoin took 1.3 terawatts of electricity. Mining 3,150 metric tons of gold consumed 150 terawatts of electricity. So what’s the danger, mining gold, or Bitcoin. Amistone

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