Honor 10 48hr review

The Honor 10 was announced last week and here in the UK, at £399 it offers plenty of bang for buck. A 5.84-inch IPS display, tiny bezels, a screen protector and …


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  1. 2:15 "You can take the AI on and off after your shot" So its only a program which automaticially optimized the photo. Its nothing special.

    In Germany it comes without video stabilization and no AI camera.

  2. I have it since Friday and I am not sure if I’ll keep it or spend some extra bucks for the one plus 6 because the screen is very shiny like a mirror and hard to see something on it outside! Selfies are always bright, the skin looks like from a porcelain doll.

  3. What about the audio experience Basil!?!? I don't get what it is with you reviewers that you NEVER EVER include AUDIO in your reviews. It frustrates the f@*k out of me!!!

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