Sony Xperia XZ3 review: 24hrs in

The Sony Xperia XZ3, we’ve had it for 24hrs and this is our early review. The first Sony smartphone to ship with a Sony manufactured OLED screen and boy was …


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  1. It's funny, in the past I was okay with Sony phones having LCD screens but seeing one with an AMOLED is like the missing piece of the puzzle. Sony makes the most underrated Android phones.

  2. I didn't liked sony much specially for their cameras, but things changed with xz2 and they made me their fan, and xz2 premium was such a great device that I believe that it is world's best smartphone and I want to buy it, ive seen much biased reviews but actually they are paid and Sony is opposite to this, love Sony and Google ❤

  3. In terms of the best, it's definitely in the top 5 Xperia smartphones that Sony have ever made for sure. And the XZ3 takes great lowlight photos! You can use Photo editor to make dark areas look a bit brighter… And you can edit the photos in many other ways.

  4. I do like this phone. Since I first saw it, I thought I could replace my Oneplus 5 with it. Although, my Oneplus still flies. Nice cat Baz!

  5. Also camera performance is embarrassing especially since Sony already proved they can do a great camera system with the XZ2 Premium but this new phone has the same disappointing camera from the ZZ2

  6. The real problem is that Sony should have released this phone in March of this year as the xz2 now in October they will need to contend with iPhone xs and pixel 3

  7. Do Sony provide regular OS and Security updates on their phones ???
    Coz I'm getting all negative responses about Sony from my frinds and colleagues those who have used Xperia sets earlier.

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