The iPhone XR doesn’t suck

The iPhone XR, despite what some like Unbox Therapy will tell you, doesn’t suck. It’s made to appeal to a specific market, and those people its targeting could …


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  1. To summarize what I'm saying here, I think people saying the iPhone XR sucks because of the display are missing the point. The people buying the XR don't even know what a resolution is; they definitely don't care if it's only 720p. And I mean, it still looks fine, it's the same screen that the iPhone 8 has. If you care, congrats, the iPhone XR isn't marketed towards you! Overall, for what it is, the iPhone XR looks like it's going to be a good phone and IMO it's way too early to write it off just because you don't like the screen.
    …But that's all just what I think, and I'm some random dude on the internet. What do you think? Let's try to have a legitimate discussion here!

  2. After watching unbox therapy and painful truths videos about the iphone xr and the xs, and watching this video, im reluctant about upgrading my phone. Nice video keep it up

  3. No one freaked out when the SE came out and it didn’t have a 1080p. While still having the same processor as the 6S. The key factor is budget. Yes $750 is still expensive but we’re living in a day where the cost of a average flagship device is $1,000.

  4. I like the xr. I like everything about it except the price. I really think it should be under 750, I personally think it should be anywhere between $600 and $700. I want to buy an xr and I will but not now, cause if I wait a year the price will go down and be reasonable to me. This is just my opinion.

  5. Lol going to be the best IPhone in terms of sales. Smart move on there part. I got the 8 plus last year bkuz of there mess up ? and they did it again thank you ? A12, 3gb ram, 256gb, aluminum body, glass all around for $899. Can’t beat that. Good video bro.

  6. The iPhone XR is literally only 720p, but it’s a $700 phone? And that’s supposed to be the budget phone? It was only 2 years ago that the best iPhone you could get cost around $700! And those phones were 1080p! TWO YEARS AGO 1080p was better and cheaper than today? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Even if you still say it’s just the apple tax, it doesn’t matter. Value is the crossroad between price and quality. Sure the quality might be decent, but because the price is so high it looses all its value to consumers. Now I by no means think it’s a bad phone. However, when you call it a budget phone, it becomes a terrible deal.

  7. What bugs me is that there isn’t more HATE!! $750 for a high quality 720p display phone!!?? Apple knows people will buy this even if people don’t care. That is the PROBLEM!! Lets make a “budget” TV. $2000 46in liquid drip water wet hydro retina display. No cables either.

  8. Just because there's a crowd willing to get XR for the price doesn't mean the $750 price tag is justified.
    Again, customers pay what companies charge, so companies charge what customers will pay.
    Remember when the 5S came out and the base model cost $649 unlocked. That was their flagship in 2013. And now 5 years down the line a phone starting at $749 is considered the "cheaper" model.
    Brand loyalty is allowing Apple to reach deeper into your pockets. You can either allow that to happen or switch to something that's worth your hard earned money.
    Till then you're still sending a message to Apple that it is reasonable to charge this amount for a phone.
    (disclaimer i did own a 5s back in the day and I am not a fan of Lew)

  9. Unbox has a point at $750. why would apple release it the same time as the other phones? He does have a point. You have all that power and it's just to not look at the screen? Take great pictures and look at the screen. Run that great processor pushing only limited pixels as a iPhone 4s?

  10. A step in the right direction? Lol apple is shitting on their customers by removing even more features, using much cheaper parts, and yet still charging an even more insane price. $750 for what you're getting is a hideous price. Lol don't use the 10S price to justify it. You can get a beautiful 1080p or 2k amoled display and a dual camera and faster screen unlock and a higher capacity for much less $… like I get it. This phone isn't really that horrible, it's just this phone is justifying making cheap to manufacture phones then charging insane margins without justification. Which is why it's insanely greedy and a cash grab. For people looking to live on the Apple ecosystem, $750 might not seem bad. But they unfortunately do not realize they are not getting their money's worth, in my opinion. Apple has the money that they don't need to make their cheapest phone $750. They could charge $500 for this and still make tons of profit, and in turn make the phone more accessible. But they don't. They lessen manufacturing costs and increase margins just so they can get even richer. The 10R is indeed, a very smart move. But to me it's not a move that benefits the customer in the long run.

  11. Did people complain this much last year when the 8 had the same PPI for $699 with a much smaller screen? No. Looking at it from that perspective it’s a decent deal, much cheaper than the old 8 Plus was and a larger screen, Face ID, A12 Bionic, and more.

  12. Here's the flaw in your argument. You said that $750 was justified because it's an apple phone, when just 2 and a half years ago apple had the iPhone SE which was only $400 and had the exact same specs as the 6s.

  13. The average person will walk into the apple store or carrier, look at the 10r and 10s and come out with the conclusion that the only difference is that one has 2 cameras and one has one. The seller will point out that the 10s also has a nicer screen but upon inspection the buyer will conclude that the cheaper one looks good enough or that he can't tell a difference at all. I can totally see the 10R outselling the other 2 phones.

  14. When you have to talk about other youtuber's opinion, you failed. And you forgot something maybe cause you are an apple fanboy: Apple is the most important tech company, so everybody expect the best from them… but they failed.

  15. Apple is intentionally slowing down the advancement of technology so it can squeeze every penny it can each year, that's what I hate the most about them.

  16. your point is that people don't care, the argument unbox has is they SHOULD care. You're both arguing different points. thats why you can't understand each other. saying people are too ignorant to know any better isn't really a good argument in favor, cause the argument against that could be that taking advantage of the ignorant is a kind of shady thing to do. on the other hand, people outside the apple ecosystem have a hard time understanding that you're buying more than just a phone. you're buying into an idea. so it's an on going argument for that reason. I don't see that stopping any time soon.

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