ALL *NEW* RICK & MORTY VR GAME!! || (Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality) Accounting VR Gameplay

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  1. 1. Rick and Morty arent in this game at all and story has nothing to do with them.
    2. This game was brought long before Rick and Morty VR so it can't be a sequel.
    3. The creators of this game is actually Crows Crows Crows who also done Stanley Parable and Rick and Morty VR was made by Owlchemy Labs.
    4. Your vid is really just trying to trick people into watching it so I hope you get reported.

  2. I can't believe you playd this game its got to be the most annoying game to play. It looks fun but its the biggest test of patience to exist. Literally everyone in this game doesn't shut up. But id luv to see the update and how more annoying its gonna get.

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