Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Game Review

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IGN gives its video review on the new PC World War 2 shooter Red Orchestra 2. See what the verdict is on Tripwire’s latest game. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste …


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  1. I wish they would make a proper singleplayer game now using this engine. Like Sniper elite, or cod wwII "clone". It would be much better. The weapons are awesome in this game. The game deserves to be kept alive

  2. Last stand at Obj with team :
    Commander in horrible Russian accent: "RUSH FASCIST PIG DOGS FOR GLORY OF MOTHERLAND"
    whole team precides to blob together and do a massive ORRAHHHH rush at Germanski pig dogs
    * Everyone realizes the Facist Pig Dogs have a Panzer*
    Panzer starts killing the whole team as we rush it for the glorious motherland
    People try to retreat but squad leaders are executing the people that are hiding behind cover
    we lose match and all yell at german side in shitty accents
    my computer becomes a t34 and my mouse becomes a mosin
    10/10 will Orahh rush for the motherland again

  3. I gave this game a good chance by playing it for many hours and tried to enjoy it, but I don't like it. It feels clumsy. It's difficult. You die all the time. If not bullets take you out, artillery will. "Realistic" – yeah maybe (if any video game is?) but it's not fun. Ping seems to always be around 100, isn't that too much? (I play Day of Defeat: Source easy under 50 and CS:GO many times at low 5). The map and textures are not sharp. No history for chat. The game feels buggy for example while in prone and making small adjustments for position. I think Red Orchestra 2 feels a bit budget. Days of War will hopefully be a much better game.

  4. Now that I've seen Battlefield 1 gameplay, and very disappointed about the entire thing. I'd rather play this 5 year old WWII game than a new and upcoming WWI arcade shooter.

  5. For people deciding to buy this game (now or with the steam sales in a week/few weeks : IGNORE SINGLEPLAYER (maybe just the tutorial), go multiplayer, pick riflemen, ZA STALINA gg ez.

  6. its clunky and most peple just camp ive deleted it of my comp all ready its only been 4 days since i got it lol ….. call of duty 2 was a real great russia german mulitiplayer war game for its day .

  7. To be honest, this ame is pretty fast paced and the maps are small. The only thing makes it diffenrt is damge, and teamwork, but even then, the teamwork isnt perfect. But whatever, still a great game

  8. please help me why i cant see any servers in Red orchestra 2 : heroes of stalingrad??? do i need to install rising storm/red orchestra 2 multiplayer??

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