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  1. They need to make an open world back to the future game where you can follow the movie timelines but also go off on missions and travel to all different time periods

  2. Ign what type of review was this? I just finished it on xbox one and it is a brilliant head nod to fans of the series. And yes it totally can qualify as a bttf4. As a fan I loved it. Great story. 7.5 is too low. I give it a strong 9.5.

  3. this crap should never be called a game, I cant believe they had the nerve to release it, I was hoping for a "gta" type game, but nooooo instead I got a childs click n watch colouring book!!

  4. The Walking Dead looks like the comics. Minecraft Story Mode looks like Minecraft. Batman looks like DC. TFTB looks like Borderlands. This doesn't look like Back To The Future.

  5. I have the 30th Anniversary version for Xbox One and I'm enjoying it. I just wish they went for a more realistic style graphics wise. The cartoony graphics look like something from PS2 or Gamecube. I love how Tom Wilson was added as the voice of Biff in the newer version though. πŸ˜€

  6. The main issue I have with this game (and I have played all 5 Episodes, both on console and PC) is that spends far too much time stuck in the past. I didn't like the 1931 segments – they were too stereotypical and I didn't get the same vibe I got from the movies (yes, their depictions of their time periods were generic, I admit, but the filmmakers infused some charm and charisma into them, which made you forget about being a modern man for a while and want to blend in with Marty & Doc). I did like the Citizen Brown 1986 (I LOVE dystopian fiction) and even the brief trip to 1876 at the climax of Episode 5, but it was kind of too little, too late by then. The main plot linking the Episodes together felt like a loose retread of BTTF 2 but with very little of the intrigue that made it interesting (I'm not just talking about the 2015 segment, either). The surprise ending, which is a very unique and original callback to the end of BTTF 1, made me raise a chuckle, as did the use of "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis & The News over the credits of the final episode. However, as a game… it's a little better than average if I have to be honest.

  7. I liked the first games from telltales but this is too much of the same formula, walking dead 1 & 2, wolf among us, game of thrones, tales from borderlands, minecraft; back to the future, this is worst than call of duty now

  8. Some of the puzzles a re so odd that it takes so long to figure them out! There was a good balance of challenging and simple puzzles in this game. I mean, some of them were pretty simple tasks so that's why it was easy to figure it out, but there was a whole part where you literally have to walk back and fourth and it take you forever to find everything you need for the game to continue on.
    Also, the story felt very authentic to BTTF, and felt like a legitimate sequel to the third movie. I also loved the twist from episodes 3-5, they were unexpected and something that wasn't done yet in the series–which made it original and authentic. The dialogue was on point an hilarious, characters developed well, a lot of references to the 3 movies, and the voice acting was on point! That guy sounded exactly like younger Michael J Fox! Yes the animation was a bit cringe-worthy, but it wasn't as bad compared to games like Toy Story 3 for the wii. THAT was incredibly cringe-worthy… BTTF the game's animation was really only cringe-worthy at the lip syncing, and a few bugs here and there, but I actually enjoyed the style of cartoon they were in!
    My only suggestion for the gameplay would maybe have a 'game over' option kind of like a "caught scene" in places where I'd be necessary to think fast and if you can't solve the puzzle quick enough, you'd get caught, thus creating a cut scene of the space-time continuum being messed up or something. Then it could reset to before the puzzle to try again/or last save point. I only say this because at moments where you have to think fast :like with Einie and your other self and the tree. You have to keep from being seen by other Marty, but Einie is distracted by you, and you have to throw a stick at Edna to get rid of him. A moment like that should have a time limit and a caught scene because it kind of drags out if you take too long to figure out the puzzle, and then it loses an authentic logical gameplay. Also, the option of having different possible outcomes/endings based off of your choices would be a good thing to add too. Overall, I'd give the game maybe an 8 or 8.5 out of 10.

  9. I dunno what the hell this reviewer was talking about, the direction the story took from ep 3-5 was a sweet twist! I really felt tense to not have Doc's help like you do for the first two episodes. and to [spoiler]have Doc become an antagonist was interesting[/spoiler]

  10. I got this game a few days ago and it plays great. No lag at all, some puzzles are challenging and story and animation are great. I would give this an 8.5

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