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  1. "thankfully free from the arbitrary rock paper scissors design". Hmm yeah also known as a "counter system" which is basically the backbone of all the greatest strategy games known. It's a realistic combat model and is what battle strategy is based upon. Otherwise you're just playing tower defence.

  2. The comments of this video is a testament to the new generation and how different 2 years can be on generations. With the latest generation it's all about "Butts", older generations actually reference the videos intent.

  3. A place is not ever declared “diverse” unless it is “diversifying” whites.
    What is called Diversity is “One-Race Diversity.”   “The races” are not intermarrying.  The white race is the only one all this Diversity aims at.
    “One Race Diversity” has two parts.   First, the white race is being chased down by the SURPLUS non-white population.  It is not a matter of THE Races.   Secondly,, no one ever mentions Diversity except when it is aimed at whites.

  4. Yeah I agree. It looks great and it also sounds great too liek when the ships are firing large auto cannons and stuff. However, after this, is still sucks.

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