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  1. As a fan of Black Ops 1 zombies, I'm very happy with this year's zombie iteration. The maps and gameplay feel great, and almost all of them have the 'Der Eisendrache' feeling of being able to discover several important details by yourself, but with more focus on the Gameplay than the Story, like in Black Ops 1. In Black Ops 3, zombies went way too over the top with certain details. The story was always in your face, but it didn't develop if you were not doing the easter eggs. And even if it did develop, it was WAY to convoluted, and that's coming from someone that has been following it for a while.
    In Black Ops 4, even if there are fantasy elements, everything feels a bit more subtle and contained, specially with the new 'Chaos' Story. I love the new characters, and I'm open to having the rest of the DLC season focus more on them. Something works in this story that didn't work with almost every zombie iteration since Black Ops 2, including the games from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer.
    So yeah, I'm happy to be excited for zombies after so many years.

  2. As a player who's been playing zombies since WaW..I gotta say I'm disappointed in Black Ops 4 zombies…It feels so much more like the Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer knockoffs than a Treyarch version.

  3. "SaTisFyNG FeEdbACk Of ThE WeApONs". Cod has the most unsatisfying guns and gun sounds of any triple A shooter. The revolver literally sounds like a balloon popping and most guns feel weightless. Try again.

  4. Do not give me your politics. I do not care about your view about stereotypes in video games. Every video game character is a stereotype. By inflicting your bias all you do is undermine the credibility of your review and IGN.

  5. Peak 2018 right here.

    I don't understand that bad humor argument from you ign.

    Yes it's offensive but that's the point. There is context as to why these crazy characters speak and act ghe way they do.

    "Video games can be better than this". Smh.

  6. It is super weird that you give scores to the seperate modes. If IGN should do the reviews seperate, they should NOT have seperate scores. The scores should be for the final product. Super strange from IGN.

  7. “I fear I might bring dishonor to my undergarments. Uuuoogh!” How is that not funny ?. It’s cheesy for the sake of cheese bro. That’s what makes zombies funny. Remember when JFK was cursing at zombies with his 1950’s era voice? Shits always been ridiculous.

  8. Your just doing this so u can review black out because all ign gives a care about is battle royal bring me back ign before fortnite I miss it. And if ur going to review all the modes review the whole game at the end cause we all know your just gonna give every thing an average score and below then give black out a 9 or above.

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