Today’s Popular Crypto News: Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), Gemini, Ripple (XRP), and Microsoft

TRON Mainnet Archives 3 Million Block Height In Just 109 Days After Launch
Gemini Ropes In Another Big Name by Hiring Former Goldman Sachs Executive Esther Babb
2020 Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Attacks Bitcoin, Urges Investors to Stay Away
Ripple SWELL 2018 [Review]: What Happened at the XRP-Centric Event?
New Report Says Crypto Clarity for Legal Regulations in UK Might Take Over 2 Years
New Greenwich Associates Report Says Blockchain Integration Difficulty Tougher Than Expected
Crypto Media Outlet Compares Apple (AAPL) to Ripple, Ponders XRP at $1 Trillion Market Cap
LinkedIn Co-Founder Believes Blockchain Technology is Fake News’ Kryptonite
Bithumb Releases Bithumb Crypto Index (BTCI) and Altcoin Market Index (BTAI)
China’s Firewall Can Be Harmful for EOS’ Blockchain Governance Plans
Lawyer Jake Chervinsky Shares In-Depth Cryptocurrency Congress Hearing Analysis
Cryptopay Unveils a New Identity Verification Feature for Easy Crypto Bank Card Purchasing
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada Look at Blockchain for Energy Credit Tracking System
CFTC Shares How Institutional Investors Entering Crypto Market Increases Ecosystem Maturity
Spring Labs Blockchain Startup Welcomes Gary Cohn, Donald Trump’s Former Advisor
Litecoin (LTC) Trading Gets Big Boost with Winklevoss’s Gemini Platform Addition
Fake News Site Targets New Zealand Prime Minister for ‘Bitcoin Revolution’ Pump Scheme
Top 3 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions and Forecasts for October 2018
Nouriel Roubini Says Blockchain Is the Least Useful Human History
Microsoft Tests New Blockchain Identity Verification Systems to Decentralize, Own and Control Your ID


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