SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT | Duck Season #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Duck Season might look normal but something scary is happening underneath! IT VR ▻ ▻Twitter …


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  1. The amount of likes that this comment ends in depends who you are
    1: The dog
    2: The kid
    3: The Mum
    4: The Po Po
    5: a duck
    6: a dead duck
    7: the scary dog
    8: that cat clock
    9: Sean (jacksepticeye)
    0: a horror game fan

  2. "Mom! When's dad coming back? He went out to get coffee five years ago, where is he? I want my dad!" That reminded me of this one friend who kept on saying "My dad went to Walmart and never came back… The line at Walmart's very long."

  3. Me throughout the whole video: Don't shoot the dog Jack…
    Jack: Shoots the dog who literally did nothing
    Me: Congrats, now the dog is gonna shoot you in your ass.

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