Ripple XRP USD EUR Pairs, Bitcoin As “World Money” And Forbes Crypto Markets

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  1. When someone mentions the word “BTC”, I get the smile on my face immediately. I can safely say that for my smile Cornfield Adrian trading Signals. 8 months with him already. First I was on gold package, now I am on Platinum.

  2. Why do we need anything other than a real stable coin back by legitimate governments. The rest of this can be done by a app. What government is going to approve imaginary money I’m not saying this to be mean I’m saying is I’m standing back and looking at it.

  3. I really enjoyed your XLM/Ripple video. Although it was tough to listen to, I think it was one of your best. We are all here to listen to you trying to connect the dots from the news stories to prognosticate the future. It’s a good talent that you have. We understand that it’s hard to predict the future and you may get it wrong. But you also get some predictions right. Therefore, it’s really frustrating when you hold back instead of just letting go and speaking your mind. When you do, it feels like we are having a conversation and we are that friend you always refer to. Please dig into that Swift/XLM/Ripple thought. It is very interesting and important.

  4. If the same number of XRP PROMOTERS were there for any other Cryptocurrency that would have reached a higher value , nobody talks like XRP agents… still XRP is less priced…I think at max it will hit 1Usd …that too is not easy as the more we buy the more they sell…

  5. Bitcoin is a world traded asset meaning that the will be volatility bitcoin is heavily been kept down at the moment and it's so sad

  6. I've noticed A LOT of change not even with crypto itself, but how it's tracked, stored, accessed and transferred. I feel like some grandpa when explaining my process and saying "Back then I had to generate paper wallets, write everything down, triple check it and wait up to an hour for it to show up". That was how I stored crypto only 12 months ago. Really looking forward to Ledger Live being further developed to the point where I only need my laptop, Nano S and Ledger Live to securely do everything with every coin/token I own.

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