8th Feb The Cryptoverse LIVE – Q&A + So Much News On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains!

This is the recording of a livestream I did on Thursday this week because I’m travelling on Friday to London to teach my 1 Day Crypto Investing Workshop https://dadasuccessacademy.com/crypto-investing-workshop/

On this weeks episode of The Cryptoverse livestream we’ll be doing Q&A, price movements, technical analysis and catching up on all the news. This gives me an opportunity to empty out my news pool of items that I didn’t get time to cover this week.

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  1. Well this eats ass. Sitting here on the end of my bed with a 6 pack another 6 pack . Wassup CONEY?!??! Got my tip and all RTG. Here’s a tip Roger Ver is the biggest fan of Bitcoin Cash. He even has his own pump and dump. Brutal shit. Not like the way I’d pump and dump his mother… OH WELL…. guess I have to wait for next week. Man why couldn’t you put this on Bloomberg to let us who don’t have 24/7 net access to let us who live for your show that it’s not the same bat time same bat channel. Have fun with the wetbacks..

  2. Hi Chris. Enjoyed the livestream.

    About the btc/bch debate, I think any time you devote to exploring this topic further would be time well spent.

    Even if at the end of it you still don't feel like you have answered every question. I mean if we don't at least know the history of cryptocurrency, how it started, but more importantly why it started, we probably won't be seeing a return to freely-selected money any time soon.

    As you like to put it, the thing to do is to ask what problem does it solve?

    To me it is quite clear that the problem electronic p2p digital cash was designed to solve is the biggest scam of them all…. fiat currencies i.e. use of national currencies is backed by force or the threat of force. None of them are freely selected for their suitability as money. Fiat means 'by decree'. National currencies, are by very definition, declared suitable for use as money.

    Wars are a major means of permitting the worst criminals to continue going undetected. War keeps people in fear and distracted. The simple fact is that no wars of aggression could be paid for without this scam i.e. that a monetary monopoly is a public good, being perpetuated across the world.

    A knowledge of what free markets are and the history of money is crucial to this debate.

    Thanks again. I look forward to an episode on this topic, should you decide to do one.

  3. Chris, you seem to talk about every coin to some extent but never mention Cardano… why? Are you THAT big of an EOS shill that you can’t even mention Cardano? It’s your channel, you have the right to shill anything you want, but your decisions to not even say the name of certain coins makes me disgusted. You don’t have to discuss them in any kind of detail, but an acknowledgment of their existence would be appropriate. I listen to a lot of channels that mention all the coins. They discuss the ones they own in depth, and just mention the others in passing. You lack that ability and with that I greatly question the ethos of your program. This is a long time subscriber now signing-off.

  4. Really like this revised format Chris, all the news first defo seems to have a better flow to it (plus its what I'm most interesting in listening in for)

  5. Chris, I understand what you are trying to say about satoshi bitcoin however I am not sure I would say it died. A legacy bitcoin would still be usable and could be transformed into either fork (BTH or segwit).

  6. ehhhh EOS uses C++, if they put a layer on top is a nice thing, so can ETH and does actually. You are biased. Also EOS is on paper right now, sure they are testing but its far far away from being used and tested. I dont think you can compare the two like that. And i'm a old developer so i understand a thing or two about software.

  7. Chris, The real EOS chain does not actually exist yet. How does trading (buying) EOS on Binance work? Am I getting a token that I have to trade for real EOS later? Also… does being in the US prevent someone from purchasing EOS on Binance or is that just a limitation of the ICO? THANKS!

  8. Bcash, the fake Bitcoin of Roger Ver. Never put money into Bcash coin as the destiny of your investments will be under the mercy of this scammer.

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