Tom Lee cuts bitcoin year-end target to $15,000

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the bitcoin fallout and where he sees it going next.

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  1. how come Bitcoin and ripple are changing value but the total crypto market cap doesn't change, that is a broken block chain

  2. When investigation prove that bitcoin had been prop up using other crypto money, $0 will be the bottom. Institutions investors are accumulating? It should be scammers are trying to prop and make another round of money from idiots.

  3. A leaf dropping or not from a tree will change dramatically the outcome of everything on earth…prediction is useless. A wrong turn, a good turn, one inch to the left many people would be alive today. Predicting short term the price of Bitcoin will so many participants in the market, is useless!

  4. Look at this guy and how pathetic he is… His body language is of a defeated one, who has no confidence and belief in his own words.
    For his sake, he better light up a shit ton of candles and pray a lot to God for this prediction be true… His accuracy has been ZERO this year.

  5. Anyone with half a brain can see what’s happening with crypto. It’s being manipulated. Every single coin dumps at the same time! I don’t think so, give me a f’ing break. Then you have these fk heads on here talking sheit, all theater. They are terrified of losing control of this market. Notice how they are dumping it so hard, trying to keep people from fleeing the stock market to crypto. They are saying stay in our puss filled cancer illusions or else will buy up your free market and dump it for fun. Real freedom with decentralized sound money will win in the end!

  6. Tom is like me when I'm down 50 points against an opponent in fantasy football and the only player on my team who still hasn't played is the kicker.

  7. We still need to see what happens next to the price (I think it's going close to zero) and what cryptos will serve as in the future. But that being said…. one thing Peter Schiff said that is SO TRUE is that if he made a prediction with gold saying it would be 5X its price today by years end….. HE WOULD GET KICKED OFF OF CNBC AND BE LAUGHED AT!!!!

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