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  1. The notch give me headaches, and I’m serious about it, I try iPhone X but I couldn’t have it for a few days then I went for iPhone 8 Plus, I will wait until they get rid of, or maybe change to g-note in the coming 2019.

  2. iPhone Xs Max owner 6 hrs no idea about any notch controversy (notch?) but immediately "what is this effin' thing??" Yup, notch hater – how dumb is Apple!

  3. idk I kinda like both. with or without the notch nothing will change lol I’m not spending a dollar on that app though, I’ll keep the notch.

  4. I didn’t really like the notch from the beginning but know I forgot about it and sometimes I don’t even realize, and the notch is also unique and it shows that it’s a Apple phone.

  5. I have the xs max and honestly the xs does bother me, but i prefer the notch in the homescreen rather than even having a full screen. I remember when i had a plus the middle of hhe top of the phone wasnt ever filled and it always bugged me, but now the time navigation wifi and etc all are there perfectly fit together. Only time i dont like the notch is obviously with videos and stuff but what ya gonna do

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