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  1. Hope this game at least cracks an 80+ on metacritic like the original so it doesn't join the 69 club. It looks promising so far. I hope there's enough content to keep me playing for more than 10 hours

  2. Looks fun. The only thing I don't like is the jetpack thing. It defeats the purpose of the jumping ability and takes the fun out of getting the agility orbs.

  3. I love the comic book aesthetic. Should look really great on PC, but gameplay wise I'm not exactly blown away. The game will have to do more to impress.

  4. Without the completely destructible environments this looks no different to the other crackdowns. Microsoft needs help badly I was really looking forward to state of decay 2 and this but looks like this is a let down as well. What a shame I guess my Xbox will continue to gather dust

  5. Funny how they haven't addressed that the game had a co-op downgrade (from 4 players to 2 players). I even have pictures of the game on store, saying it was 4 players, but now it says it's only for 2 players.

    What a shame. I remember when they first announced it was 4 players and now this

    Saints Row 4 seems to be much better than this.

    From what I saw, Crackdown 3 looks to have the same powers of crack 2 and 1. No innovation whatsoever

  6. For this game to have been delayed so much.. Idk, because I haven't played it but, it looks, idk um, this looks.. Very dated. Everything about the look and sound appears dated.
    Xbox/ps/pc/switch owner here.

  7. Looks far better then the game play we saw a couple years ago. Probably not going to be game of the year material but hopefully a fun addition to gamepass.

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