Novogratz Sees Bitcoin at $3,000 to $6,000 in the Near Future

Dec.18 — Michael Novogratz, Galaxy Digital founder and chief executive officer, talks about where he sees Bitcoin heading and the Fed’s interest rate hike path. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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  1. Big Respects to Novo. Anyone courageous enough to lead the Herd deserves respect. It's lonely and cold at the front; Much easier to trash-talk from the center, where it's nice and warm. Alternatively, one can run at the back, face-caked with shyte and dust. Man up. Take your position. Stand by it.

  2. One thing's for sure, if there's one lesson you learn is that these experts cannot predict anything, they couldn't predict the fall, how low it would go, and they won't be able to predict how far this recovery will go.

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  5. Any idiot off the street could give you a range like that. And, BTW, you completely sound like a doofus. You have been so, so wrong about Bitcoin. Exactly nobody should take you seriously.

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  7. It just Pump an DUMP game by those Wall street guys and hedge fund … the organization manipulating the price. Will dump more to come… 1k level… Shame Novogratz scammer

  8. That is how you manipulate and steal from the young dumb and full of c** millennial! The old steal from the young and the banks steal from everyone through inflation. The world turns and nothing ever changes, except the rich getting richer. In the past people would drag these crooks to the streets and bleed them. Unfortunately now, everyone is passive, neutered, and docile! And so when they fear an internal war, the rich will create a new war to distract everyone (World War 3). Never ending cycle of nationalism and stupid peasants that send their children to die for the rich!

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