Virtual Reality: How Love Works in a Simulation with Tom Campbell (1 of 3)

EBTV with host Evita Ochel ( and returning guest Tom Campbell ( in a dialogue about the nature of love, …


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  1. ABSOLUTELY GREAT SHOW ! THE BEST OF THE BEST ! Evita, Tom, you are a pair of angels. Evita, your shows with Tom are wonderful, asking the important questions, highlighting in text the quintessentials and putting all together. And Tom, all wonderful things about you have already been said by many others, you are love and knowledge. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart !

  2. I understand you say Love comes from “other” and that in order to become love you have to change yourself? Couldn’t you also say in order to become love u have to love yourself ? As in make the best choices for yourself even if they’re not the choices you necessarily want to make? I truly believe u can’t love others until u love yourself for who u r. Accepting all your flaws and working towards improving them. “Acceptance is love” -youngdankee

  3. The Trick is to fall in Love with the silence in between each thought. Because when you are in Love with something, That is what you stay focused on. Very quickly the silent spells grow longer and the thoughts in turn get fewer. Keep your attention on the silence and you will fall in love with it. 90% of all suffering is thought based. peace ????

  4. I would like to see somebody like Sam Harris interviewing Mr Tom Campbell, that would help keeping him on track and from rambling about the same things over and over just using different words. Good lecture and a good overall message though it could have been condensed to about half the time. Can't help thinking of an infomercial when that big toe pops into view.

  5. We were all born with a blank slate and with love. It's through human neglect and brutality that we lost it. Parents who do not love and educate. Churches that take time and money and do not educate and a school systems that herd you in and out without a practical education.

  6. well damn i learned today that i am afraid of a lot of things. Thank you. I've realized i figured out these things you say about lowering entropy as a kid which helped me going from hell in high school to having not too bad of a time. It's hard to stay in that mind set. This was a great reminder in how to do that. Thanks again.

  7. I have a question, for which I think I know the answer, but still… This growing or learning that happens in this reality, or any other , for that matter, where is it coming from? I mean, the information. If consciousness is fundamental and we don't know of anything outside of that, this means the information for growing or learning, must come from the consciousness itself. If this is true, because it seems plausible and logic, then we aren't really growing or learning, we are remembering.
    And all this processes , in any reality, become the game of the consciousness knowing itself, through consciousness.
    Don't get me wrong, if there is such a thing ?, I love it, but, if we are to really understand and appreciate who and what I am as we, then we must see and remember, that the only growth and learning is as virtual as any reality.
    If it wouldn't , then there is an even bigger system of consciousness computing the consciousness we are a part of and this consciousness must grow and learn getting informations from the even bigger system of consciousness, isn't it?
    If this is true, that means that the freedom of choice is limited by the system that we are aware of. Yes, you can make any choice, but it becomes impossible to choose something that is not already part of the system of consciousness that we are from.
    It doesn't mean we're not free, but maybe this game , or it's infinity, it's finite, it only looks infinite because we, as IUOC can't grasp it with our understanding.

  8. I really love this man. I thought he was just a scammer who just wants to sell his books, but I don't care his messages have depth. I pay my respect.

  9. So is this the newest cult on the block? Creepy old dudes profess a new future, collects wack job followers, and establishes a new religion. Let me guess he asks for money? Yeah Brodie it’s really lookin mad suss

  10. This is great talk and great ideas too, butthe way I see it is this: yes this is a wonderful system to follow or use or apply, but eventually it becomes a belief. Exactly like the great men mentioned, Luther King, Mandela etc, they belived in what they were doing even if, at first, it was an idea, or a system, later it became a belief for them and others.
    The point is that when we "discover" or remember a new system that may or may not contain and/or explain all the others known until then, that system, over time becomes a prison, a belief, or it can become. So , if we don`t soon after find a new system or a way not to turn that system into a belief, we`re gonna fall in the same traps as before.
    This is not about wright or wrong, this is about systems ad beliefs. As information cells, it is impossible to escape all systems, we can only be free inside the biggest system that we are aware of. But, if it`s a system ad it`s closed,not because someone or something closed it, but because it`s impossible to be outside of it, how free are we?
    It`s all wonderful until…it`s not anymore. This informational system that we are a part of , needs it`s information. It will never stop, that`s why we are immortal. This means that in order for the system to grow, it has to create other systems, that will be obsolete one day and so on. It also means that that which we call positive and negative needs to exist too, in order for the mother/father system to grow. So, as such, it needs mini systems like us to carry both positive and negative information, even if none of the two exist, in that unending reality. They can only exist within the mini system that are carrying them, which are us. Their only importance is to create possibility, potential, out of which choices arise and this choices will keep creating systems, forever and ever without end.

    The importance for us is huge. It means that nothing is ever good or bad except in that mini system as an idea of creation for other systems. Yes, we are free inside the mother/father system, but unless we are that mother/father system ourselves, we are not actually free. If we are the mother/father system, then it becomes very simple: everything is inside us (sounds familiar? ).
    To summerize here is this: we/I can never be really free or have the freedom to choose unless we/I am the mother/father system, in which case , there is nothing or anything outside of we/I. Therefore, nothing or anything we/I choose will be outside of we/I, so nothing and everything, good or bad, up or down, beautiful or ugly, time ad no time etc , always ARE !!! ALWAYS, ALL WAYS !!!
    So then I ask you: who do you think you are?

  11. Reharding 'fears'.

    36:25 "own them, ignore them and put them aside"

    Couldn't relate more to this on getting over a lot of personal fear I have built up inside me.

    I like being able to see the progress I'm making.


  12. This is a wonderful wonderful interview.

    One thing I saw in the comments is that some people may think that Tom is focusing to much on “others” but in my opinion he is showing how the unobstructed mind and being reveals something most of us can hardly imagine.

    That the real you is free and loving.

    Very nice. Peace and Love. Palms Together…. James

  13. The thing is that overly negative and overly "positive" people can be seen as two sides of the same coin. Neither are realistic. Overly positive people might be in a delusion. You only have to take note of illuminaries as JD Krishnamurti who said words to the effect that " It is no great thing to become well adjusted to a profoundly sick society". Lets get real here.

  14. In my day there wasn't no love…
    Everyone hated you, you hated em back, that's the way It was, wasn't no tree's from heeeeeere, ta theeeeeeeeere, that's the r it was n'ya liked it.. was the way it was n' ya liked it!!

  15. Very interesting show. Very similar to eckankar teachings and many other belief system used to teach these secrets long ago. This used to be common knowledge, do you know when it was suppressed?

  16. The only thing I would say did not sit quite well in the above presentation for me was Tom's claim that sometimes violence is required. I'm not sure someone who has truly suffered a violent upbringing would do well adopting violence. I don't think Gandhi used violence to whom he refers. At least not in the sense of fighting by means of inflicting pain back onto others. Reflection techniques no doubt reflect pain, but the use violence from those of us that have suffered and greatly affected with mental illness … If such byproduct resorts to using violence as some kind of means to love … well let's just say it will result in anything but love. As for the rest … I found many insights from said talk. TY.

  17. Surely competition is the fundemental driver of evolution. Without competitiveness, we wouldn't have evolved. It's the process of natural selection. Survival of the fittest genes is what drives progress in the universe. How do you square this with your theory of Love?

  18. Its wonderful that tom is bringing awareness to the truth of love. I am beyond grateful. I just would like to bring up the fact that fear won't go away by ignoring it. It must be embraced with love.
    Love will replace all aspects of the ego when ascension becomes a full time activity.

  19. Ask three questions from yourself after waking from a dream.
    1. The observer of my dream was conscious or unconscious?
    2. The observer of my dream was in my dream or in the universe?
    3. Is the observer of my dream still conscious? If so then where?
    Answers of these questions will enable us to understand that the universe itself is a virtual reality.

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