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  1. Isn't IGN a gaming channel, so why aren't you guys excited for Pokemon, Mario and Sonic?………. Ok, not Sonic, but definitely the other two.

  2. Godzilla 2 and avengers endgame I don't care for anything else star wars is dead to me after the train wreck that was TLJ

    Also do you not understand the title of episode 8 it was the last Jedi LAST as in luke was the last Jedi rey is not a Jedi nor is there a Jedi order left rey was never trained in the ways of the force or lightsaber fighting but somehow does both which is why she is a Mary Sue

  3. I'm looking forward to in 2019 is Spider man: far from home . because we finally get to see Peter Parker and mj being more than friends also the new villain so I'm looking forward to seeing far from home. Spider man: far from home in July 5 2015.

  4. Avengers endgame might be the biggest one yet, and I think a lot more people are going for that than Star Wars. I don’t think Kylo Ren should deserve redemption, because there would be no point and that would ruin the entire movie

  5. What I’m excited for in no particular order

    1) Alita Battle Angel

    2) Glass

    3) Dragons 3

    4) Godzilla King of the monsters (probably the most)

    5) Stranger Things 3

    6) Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

    7) 3 Below: Tales of Arcadia season 2 (if their making one)

    8) The Kid That Would Be King

    9) Avengers EndGame (depending on how Captain Marvel is handled and not a lot of PC crap)

    10) Last Man Standing Season 8

    11) The Lego Movie the second part

    12) The rest of season 3 Attack on Titan (slightly)

    13) Godzilla: World Eater (slightly)

    14) The movie with Kevin Heart taking care of a disabled guy (can’t think of the name or find it) (also if it’s not rated R)

    Nothing Star Wars related as far as I’m concerned the story ended in episode 6 and no Disney remake crap

    That’s my movie list

    For games
    1) DOOM Eternal
    2) CTR: Crash Team Racing remastered or remake
    3) Halo Infinite news

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