Tony Robbins & Is Bitcoin & Crypto The Best Investment of 2019?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may be one of the best performing assets of the coming year. Especially as traditional markets struggle. Is Tony Robbins’ tweet about Bitcoin a coincidence or well timed?


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  1. Tony Robbins , I love his inspirational videos and books, the question is why he suddenly got into crypto space ???? What inspired him that he’s talking about Bitcoin ??? Is that his publicity stunt , where the more people talking about crypto so that he can gain piece of publicity or does he know something which we don’t know what’s coming on the corner(as he knows a big corporate whales )???BTW it’s my opinion only,….,

  2. It's interesting how most people that follow Tony would have taken action! What concerns me lark is that these gurus inspire people just at the wrong time. Hmm suspect? I was also getting a tone of emails off Robert kiyosaki at the same time then bitcoin ass end fell out.. these gurus would now be buying up the weak hands and win silently like they do everytime and the small fry looses out as usual. Don't get wrong, Tony is cool but intentions are another question?

  3. So just invest in sex robot companies and the companies that freeze eggs….the genders are being played against each other…relationships will die out….the freezing of eggs will rise exponentially and finally….sex robots will rise and conquer…always be aware of whats happening around you so that you can spot what the future holds and possibly invest in a company before the majority catches on?. Just like the people who spotted crypto well before others(still in infamcy though)..take the red pill yall?.

  4. Nice commentary. I'm not sure of the answer to either of your questions. However, I do think Robbins' choice in the timing of his comments is quite interesting.

  5. 2018 is exactly what the crypto market needed. It stopped the shilling of YouTubers pumping ICO’s that we’re just crap. It brought the market consolidation and set it up for true growth and it got rid of James at the water cooler.

  6. Stage 1. Dump price, Cartel buy majority BTC supply. COMPLETE

    Stage 2. Marketing hype begins, onboard biggest influencers to pump the price.

    Stage 3. If only you knew….

  7. Hey, love your stuff. In your opinion, what would need to happen in the overall crypto markets for Bitcoin and Eth to bottom out so that an entirely different crypto takes the lead?

  8. "Can we woo…?" It's not on anybody, "Can we share that there is a secure choice to gain and maintain individual power?". The cream will rise. The best currencies will remain. As far I can see it, understanding will bridge the gap. Tony is also huge, because anyone with commitment to understand will see crypto as the powerhouse empowering equity storage choice that it is. Don't be a sheep and you won't be sheared. I see it as the inevitability that it is, as I'm certain your work ethics do to. Thanks for sharing your perspectives thus far, Lark. I mainly had to pause at the "woo" comment. There need be no wooing to an advanced technological awareness shift. Curiosity will woo anybody who desires clarity on this one. I only say this because I don't believe in the disbelief which seemed presupposed in your comment on wooing anybody on anything. Independently secure personal financial future. <- What more is there to it? The empowering choice in an age strongly connected and formed digitally. It's odd to look at as a "investment", I'd view it more as a necessity. Just as any man would save and secure his hard works, why wouldn't he aim to further understand most fit equity storage options. This isn't a casino, it's a new base monetary system. Participation alone solidifies belief and aides the cause. As fiat descends in true value, I'd like to not only be the cause, but also thrive in the effects. Bam. Storage of equity. ^Increase in price only shines a light on antiquated fiat's depreciation. Cryptocurrency speaks for itself, thankfully. I will not accept "wooing" alone to be the reason for an unshakable revolution. Then again maybe I just misinterpreted you, awareness is all I wish for in anyone who delves into this world. Excited to finish the rest of this video!

  9. Lark title of the video is " The best investment of 2019".
    So no need to talk about speculative altcoins. Bitcoin yes or no?
    Bitcoin is the best investment for the next years!

    As Altcoin investment hold: EOS & Ethereum.
    I personaly have about 30 different altcoins, but thats an different story

  10. It will be taken out. When they get celebs to pump get ready for the dump. BTC will continue to lose ground simply because other major players will develop their own. Amazon will likely create their own coin which will be untradeable. you will purchase it and store it as a hedge against currency fluctuations. simmilar players will do their own as well. BTC's so called store of value… for get it!

  11. Do you know Bakkt is working with Mexican drugs cartel to corner Bitcoin ? It is delaying launch of Bitcoin futures 3 times already to give more time for cartels to accumulate enough Bitcoin via OTC in Hong Kong to keep supply super tight. They want emulate the Hunt brothers to explode the price of Bitcoin by 10 fold. Yes Bitcoin price is about to be manipulated for drugs lords.

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